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  • Tracy Struthers

Spilling All The T - Wrapping Up The Week.

Hey what is everyone up to this weekend? Our on-going backyard makeover chronicle continues. It's coming along, slowly and ever so surely. It really has been all hands on deck to get it down, t-minus 3 weeks before the first bridal shower. My mother was shoveling crushed limestone, my Dad and I on the dueling wheel barrels, my husband and son packing down the stone and even my son's friend who showed up to visit in pristine white runners, grabbed a shovel and dug in (see what I did there). My Dad jokingly said that when he sees my name on the phone when it rings - he isn't answering it. My projects never end. You know I will be sharing our progress, and eventual finish line. I am going to take a little break to go visit one of my longest friendships for a little pub night in Cobourg. There is something to be said about hard work, sure, but there is also something to be said about taking time to rest, and have a laugh or two. Be mindful of what rest and some laughs can do for your soul. Take care of you this weekend.

What happened this week around the web.

Let's get solo. It will revolutionize your bonfire experience this summer. Easy to use and no smoke in your face. We have it for our outdoor space, and we love it.

The Fall Guy. Looks like fun. My girl Brandie and I are in.

Trending vintage rose patterned table cloths. Feeling very Little House On The Prairie, but loving them anyways ( and we bought one)

Brianna Wiest gets me every time.

'Happiness is not thinking you earn a world's approval,

but waking up each day and feeling so at peace with your own skin,

quietly anticipating the day ahead, unconcerned with how you are perceived.'

Whipped Brie and Fig Jam. Grab your fancy Truffle chips, or even some crusty bread. Elevate your hockey playoffs get together - will the Leaf's win this year?

Have a great weekend everyone.

T x


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