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The T Weekly Wrap Up…Plus I Got Bangs.

What are you all up to this weekend? Rain has been in the forecast as of late, so thank God for a glimpse of sunshine for the weekend. Rain or shine, I’m going to squeeze every ounce of free time that I have into our backyard makeover and get the twinkly lights up before the first of two bridal showers that we are hosting this spring. If you're looking for me, I'm over here, the one with the muddy rubber boots and ball cap on, loving every moment of it.

Let's recap on a very busy week.

I often speak about how we try to save money and get organized for the week ahead, from lunches to meals, so naturally, I get asked about what we eat. So here's what we ate this week.


Protein Smoothies


Chicken and Broccoli


Monday -Vegetarian Lasagna

Tuesday -Greek Tzatziki Bowls

Wednesday -Greek Tzatziki Bowls

Thursday -Lemon Basil Pasta

Friday (tonight) - Homemade Pizza

What was trending this week.

A text from my dentist that would actually make me want to go in.

"Come in for a cleaning, but beware of a scandalous affair that is brewing with dentist and the hygienist. You likely will be stepping in to a world of forbidden passion where your appointment is an electrifying dance of temptation and secrecy".

And the biggest news of the week: I got bangs!

Yes, I'm okay. No, I didn't have a crisis or a breakdown. I just fancied a change.

Have a lovely weekend

Tracy x

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1 Comment

Ananya Sharma
Ananya Sharma
Apr 20

Yummy pizza🍕 and the new look with bangs is super cute😊😍

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