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  • Tracy Struthers

Yay Spring! Everything You Need to Refresh This Season.

I feel like spring gives you a reason to start fresh again, doesn't it? Finally, when the snow decides to stop falling, and we come out of hibernation, that gentle breeze of spring sweeps in and renews a sense of energy and vitality. Spring is not just a season; it's a feeling of rejuvenation, a time to refresh our minds, bodies, and surroundings. We are looking at everything you need to refresh this season.

With the season of spring here for a short visit, I wanted to create 4 life space - vision boards to inspire, in order to feel more balanced and exude a glow from inside and out.

It's a great exercise to hone in on the things you love or foster inspiration.

Setting My Intentions.

I like to set my intentions early in each season, as it suits me better. Some like to do it in January, but I find it much more realistic every start of each season, and spring time is by far my favorite.

I answer these questions.

1). What aspirations do I have for personal growth this season?

2). What action am I going to take in each life space to get closer to achieving it?

Write them down, and review them often as you move through season.

Now, let's get inspired with the four different areas, to feel invigorated and inspired. This is everything I need to really shape the vibe this season, and I hope it does for you too.

This season of wonderment and new might be the perfect time to prioritize self-care and nourish our inner selves. Watching the leaves bud, lilac trees blossom, and the big ole' round bellied robins bopping about, absorbing our surrounding but also focusing on ourselves is super paramount. Self-care practices to incorporate into your routine are the truth to calming your mind, and feeling refreshed. The advantage of the mild weather upon us, lends grateful opportunities to meditating outdoors, or starting a morning walk in the newly blooming beauty. I love getting up early, and a goal of mine is to introduce morning walks into my routine. I feel it will uplift me and set a positive tone for the day ahead.

Spring cleaning (or spring purging): There is value in this. I never really understood the whole decluttering thing, up until a few years ago. It is therapeutic, purging things just laying around without any purpose. The first time I did the big purge, it felt like 100 pounds was lifted off my shoulders. Try it out. It is healthy to unclutter your mind, but also to unclutter your space. It can seriously transform how you live, daily.

Wellness begins internally. Incorporating colorful fruits and vegetables into your meals to nourish your body from the inside out. Experiment with light and vibrant recipes that reflect the season's bounty. And, don't forget lots and lots of water. Did you know that drinking water helps sustain your skin's collagen?

Our family loves to prepare great meals, but we also know the presentation is just as important. You eat with your eyes first. It goes hand in hand. Setting a beautiful table can be an art form that sets the stage for memorable gatherings with loved ones. Add a simple but colorful floral centerpieces using seasonal blooms such as tulips or daffodils and arranging them in elegant vases or rustic mason jars to allow for a touch of springtime charm. With the winter season over, swap out those heavy tablecloths for lightweight ones, with crisp white and beige linens, maybe even pretty pastel shades or a delicate vintage floral print. I love to bring in natural elements like little wicker baskets, woven placemats, and stoneware. Mix and match different materials for a sophisticated look or go for whimsical touches of decorative eggs and sweet bunnies.

In every aspect of my life, I want things to be easy and simple. Spring fashion means light and airy pieces that look great but are effortless. As I want to spend as much of my time outside, having clothing that can transition easily from play to brunch is top of mind. I tend to love whites and beiges for my shopping and work attire, but also adding in some blush pinks, mint greens along with floral prints for dresses, can help embrace the beauty of the season and exude femininity.

We all have our beauty routines, I know - I am the same. I like what I like. I don't love a lot of make-up, and I do love great skin care (creams, hydraulic acids, masks) - so I try new things without a big commitment. Lately, I have been trying new hair oils, because yes after 50, even your hair needs better hydration. Serums are your friend, ladies. Not just for your hair, hydration is key from your hand creams to body wash.

My spring refresh this year will be to try some new spring fragrances. My usual go to (which I love) is a vanilla infused, warm and spicy scented perfume. However, I seem to be drawn to a sandalwood fragrance with a lightness of sun soaked beach days. So I am on the hunt for that perfect scent.

Keeping things simple, and fresh, that's really my message for this spring.

Happy Spring.



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