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  • Tracy Struthers

OMG it's May Already. The T Wrap Up.

Backyard makeover with rocks and cedar trees

Hey there, weekend warriors! Wow it's May.. We are kicking things off with some family flair - it's birthday month! Yours truly is turning the big 5-3 next week, and my soon-to-be son-in-law the big 3-0. Instead of waiting, we are celebrating this weekend. It's the birthday people's choice (almost said awards), and you bet we will be indulging in some steak, paired perfectly with my son's signature risotto, followed by a slice (or two) of my mom's legendary homemade apple pie. But the festivities don't stop there. We're on the countdown to the first of two bridal showers for my darling daughter, Leigha. Cue the tea party vibes! From counting tea cups to perfecting our cucumber finger sandwiches, we're in full-on planning mode. And let's not forget the backyard makeover - yep, mission accomplished! It's all coming together for a weekend packed with picture-perfect moments and memories in the making. So here's to a weekend filled with love, laughter, and the joy of cherishing every tiny moment and milestone. Hope yours is great. Here is this week's wrap up from around the web.

Sailing. A beautiful cover. Harriet - love her sound.

Fun little treats, celebrating love.

Crochet Summer Hats, on my must have's

Peace begins with a smile.

~Mother Theresa

The Jennifer Aniston salad. Our lunch time go too.

Breezy linen pants, the ultimate summer staple

In the spirit of Mother's Day.

At 3 years, we say, "Mommy I love you"

At 10 years we say, "Mom, whatever"

At 16 years we say, "My Mom is so annoying"

At 18 years we say " I'm leaving this house"

At 25 years we say, "Mom, you were right"

At 30 years we say, "Want to go to Mom's house?"

At 50 years we say, "I don't want to lose my Mom"

At 70 years we say, "I would give up everything to have my Mom here with me"

Love one another.

Have a great weekend

Tracy x


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