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Mum's The Word. The T Weekly Wrap Up.

Baby's Breath flowers with fresh oranges

What are your plans this weekend? It's Mother's day, so hopefully whether you are a new Mom, or have young, teenage or grown children, or you are blessed to have a Mom, it is a day for celebration and reflection. I know I have mentioned this bridal tea party several times, but we are certainly excited with it being a week away. We decided our original plan of moving around furniture to accommodate 20 ladies isn't going to work (because we are hosting it in our home). Now the plan is to move all furniture out and set up pretty tables with white table cloths. Ah, it will indeed allow us to embrace the elegance of the occasion as we host high tea. Hope your weekend is full of love. Here are a few things from around the web.

The Met Gala. Fashions so over in top in some cases, but utterly unparalleled for this event. It is a feast for the eyes, and never fails to captivate me in its showcase of haute couture.

If you love clean, organized spaces and don't shy away from color, artwork and decorative objects, chances are you’re a midimalist. We are appreciating this new interior design trend.

No matter what stage in motherhood you are in, this is a perfect quote.

Dear Mom.

I get it now.

Affordable and pretty dresses for spring, we thought you would like. Suzy Shier

Definition of Mother.

Someone who sees the best in her kids, even when they drive them crazy. Multi-tasker, expert calmer downer - lie detector, mediator, finder of all things. The hardest job in the world. One that does the work of twenty, for free.

Have a lovely weekend

Tracy x

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1 Comment

Ananya Sharma
Ananya Sharma
4 days ago

Great post...✍📖....belated happy mother's day 💐

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