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  • Tracy Struthers

Hours Scrolling On Pinterest—We Picked Our Favorite 2023 DIY Holiday Decor Ideas.

It’s officially Christmas decorating time around here. There is nothing I love more than a good, ol' saunter through Homesense, and getting caught up in the nostaglia of all the seasonal decor. As a DIYer, blogger and freelance designer, the holiday season is by far my favorite times of the year as it gives me reasons to play with different textures and tones. With the shorter, darker days upon us - I truly love lighting a candle, pouring a English Breakfast tea, and planning my holiday decor vibe with, sometimes, hours of scrolling on Pinterest.

This year, I am going to up the ante. I am not purchasing any new décor, instead, I am going to make my own. Granted, I may need a couple supply items for my creations, but with DIY decor, it captures the essence of the holidays for us; less commercialism, and more moments.

I gathered the supplies I needed (most I had, just needed some glue, string, food colour and oranges), and now we are full on creating, babe! You will find me crafting ornaments, with trays of orange slices in the oven and paper stars hanging in the windows. These are my top Pinterest picks for DIY holiday decor.

DIY Paper Bag Stars

I love the natural whimsical feel of these stars, and really appreciated their plastic free fabrication. They feel very vintage to me, with a clean and simple sense of Christmas spirit. Best of all, you can create some wonderful memories making them with your kids. You can go smaller in size to be used as ornaments for your tree, or larger to hang on your windows. Either way, yay for you!

DIY Dried Orange Garland

I cannot deny, I am a vintage lover. A rusty-metal plant pot, distressed wood, or antique artwork gets my heart pumping. The look and vibe that a dried orange garland bring in to my world, is tops. I am not sure if its an old way of decorating, but huge fan over here. This would look beautiful intertwined on your tree, draped on your fireplace - doorway or window. Did I forget to mention how much cheaper it is to make your own dried orange slices than it is to buy them? SO much cheaper! Plus, any variety of orange can be dried such as mandarins and tangerines. Why not add some va va voom with dried limes or lemons!

DIY Amber Tinted Ornaments

Amber Christmas Tree Bulbs

I am always seeking out new ornaments to adorn our tree, but this year I really want to host a more vintage vibe, and was feeling that getting it exactly right might be difficult. I have two trays of clear bulbs that I purchased last year, and hung them as such. But, this year, I wanted to bring in more warmth, and really loved the deep moody amber color that these home made bulbs bring. I also admire how gorgeous they display in a bowl on our coffee table.

Go create, and jingle all the way (sorry couldn't help myself).

Tracy x


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