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Unleashing Your Inner Strength: My Experience with the 75 Day Hard Challenge

My daughter mentioned in passing that her and her fiancé were doing this 75 day hard challenge.

Have you heard of it? I hadn't until Leigha told me about it

It's a challenge to stay committed to eating healthy, no booze, reading everyday and exercising. Oh yea, and drinking an ocean's worth of water.

I said, heck with it, my system can use a bit of a shock - so I went for it.

They say to take daily progress pictures, but I just did Day 1, and will do another at the end.

Here is the challenge everyday for the next 75 days (Lord help me)

45 mins workout

A 45 outdoor walk (or treadmill)

Read 10 pages of a book

Eat Healthy

NO booze

And drink 4L of water


So how am I doing with it, you ask?


Day 2-6 - Getting all the daily workouts in, tough but I did it. Bear (our King Shepherd) is getting a lot more walks so that is great! Spent more time in the bathroom than I ever thought I could. Might move my office right in there.

Day 7 - Failed - had wine.

Day 8 - Start again that is the rule, so back to Day 1.

It takes discipline, but I believe this can permanently change my life, and yours too. It will shift your way of thinking about things, to approach every single task in front of you with a different mindset. I feel like sometimes my life is happening in the passenger seat. I wake up, go to work, and drift through each day with no direction, or purpose. I get home from work, eat supper in front of the TV, watch a show or two then go to bed, and repeat that same cycle the next day.

Kind of feel like being stuck in a rut.

After just one week in, I can honestly say I feel great, but I also feel pretty proud of myself too (other than Day 7 - wine, but Trace is human too). Finally enjoying my book that I have been trying to read for months, listening to some inspirational podcasts on my walks, feeling good with all the healthy eating, and cherishing the great conversations with Sean at our dining room table versus eating in front of the TV.


So I guess I am saying, so far so good :)

True to form - Leigha created a template for me to help keep me on track. (She is the excel spreadsheet template Queen after all). I will share it with you if you have the guts to try the 75 day hard challenge, just kidding. If you know the reason why you're doing it, it will motivate you to do the workouts and say no to temptations.

Wanna know my reasons?

I want to get out of bad daily and weekly habits, and create good ones.

I want to feel better about myself and my body.

I want to lose weight for our upcoming trip to Italy and my daughters wedding.

I want to spend much more time reading, thinking and learning.

75 days....I can do this.

I'll let you know how the bathroom office is coming along.

Off for walk - toodles!




Jan 21

I would not think you need all that discipline Tracy. Will be thinking of you for 75 days but definitely will not be joining you. Good luck and enjoy tne trip.

Tracy Struthers
Tracy Struthers
Jan 21
Replying to

Thank you for the feedback :) Really focusing on my health and wanted to do this challenge.


Jan 21

What a fantastic initiative!

Tracy Struthers
Tracy Struthers
Jan 21
Replying to

Nothing like trying something like this challenge and doing it ! Thank you for your feedback and kind words.

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