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The Year of Blue. Tranquil Paint Colors for 2020

Are we seeing the end of white-walled rooms and all-white kitchens? Hmm, I don’t know. I do know that people are seeking ways to escape daily stress more now than ever. News articles, products, and getaways are centered around this desire for better mental, physical and emotional well-being. A trend of finding more soothing colors in our homes falls on the heels of the latest report showing Canadians are more stressed at work than 5 years ago. So when we retreat to our homes after a long day at work, shouldn't we want our homes to be a haven for us?

Why not just paint with mood complementary colors? The amazing thing about paint is that its just paint. You can explore and adapt to changing trends. If you don’t like it – heck you can just paint again, it isn’t permanent. When doing my decorating consultations, I try to navigate through the rooms from how it looks to more of how the homeowner wants the space to feel. The color will do this. The right color will set the tone for the room, and how you want the room to mean to you.

Blue is here!!! It is the color of the year for 2020. Blue creates a need for order and direction, evoking peace and tranquility while promoting physical and mental relaxation. Did you know that the color blue can reduce stress and creates a sense of calmness?

I have chosen two fabulous new blue shades that are trending for 2020. Achieving this tranquil environment is easily done with these colors. My first one, I am introducing Sherwin-Williams's 2020 Color of the Year, a deep, celestial-sky blue called Naval. You all know how much I love a clean white palette, but this blue has got me rethinking some of my rooms. It's a good thing my husband is a patient man.

Photo courtesy of Sherwin - Williams Naval Blue #6244

This blue has a richness that is so attractive. It's the perfect color for a unique look for your kitchen cabinets, living room, and bedroom walls. Whether you paint the whole room or just an accent wall, you are sure to create a calm, relaxing oasis in these spaces. It brings a confident feel to your space and allows for mixing in wicker, jute rugs, and natural wood pieces. Accenting the room with gold accents, calming grays and bright whites (window treatments) will help to draw in the light. I have compiled a couple of ideas below for you that will complement this blue.

My second blue choice is Sherwin-Williams Sleepy Blue. Although not the color of the year, I feel it will be a favorite just the same. It is an incredible peaceful shade of grayish-blue or blueish gray – I cannot decide which way wins with this shade. It is hands-down an obvious choice for a bedroom, with its serene hues. But how about this kitchen featured by Sherwin-Williams? I think I am in love.

Photo courtesy of Sherwin Williams - Sleepy Blue #6225

To continue with the coastal harmonious atmosphere that you will create with this blue, I have gathered some ideas for the space from furnishings to lighting.

I don't know about you, but I'm inspired by these new colors. So, be creative, and try some blues for your homes. If you're looking for something to create a mellow restful space, start with your paints, and choose colors that will complement the vision for your home.

I hope you have enjoyed this paint inspiration. I know I have enjoyed talking to you about it.

Happy Decorating!!

Tracy x

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