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  • Tracy Struthers

The Ultimate Revelation Of My Home Decor.

In every space, my main goal is to bring rooms together with perfectly appointed decor, along with its own signature conversation piece. I don't believe you need to spend a lot of money to do this, nor do I believe that you have to stick to one design scheme when buying items for your home. Just make sure they all play nicely together.

When Sean and I first moved in together, 30 years ago, our apartment was so tiny that it really made me get creative with my decorating. We had very little money then, but I was determined to make our first home beautiful. It really did teach me how to find good deals on furniture, and fix them up if necessary. You do learn a lot when you start this way.

With times being challenging right now, and for the foreseeable future, all our budgets will be tighter. Decorating your home may not even be in your budget. I wanted to show you that even on a smaller scale, you can beautify your home.

Let's have a tour.

My Bedroom Chandelier.

When we eventually sell our house, I have already warned Sean, that this chandelier is coming with us. I bought it this way, and I refuse to paint it. The paint is chipped and worn, a couple of the bulbs are wiggly and the paper stems are stained, but I just love this way. It's a beautiful, majestic signature piece in my bedroom that gives me joy every time I walk in. I purchased this on Facebook marketplace from a person in Belleville, Ontario who just wanted to get rid of it. They said they were thinking about just throwing it away, but thought why not get $20 for it. $20! Can you even believe that?

My Bedroom Mirror.

I have literally been looking for this mirror, for 3 years. I have held off buying something else because this is really what I wanted. I saw it in a home decorating magazine and have been searching for it ever since. 3 years, and I found it. Leigha and I went to the Habitat for Humanity restore here in Belleville, looking for things for her place. I wandered over to the mirror section, and there it was. I think I might have screamed! Then I looked at the price tag. $25. I may have then screamed louder than the first time. A fresh coat of white paint, and I just love it so much.

Leigha's Bedroom.

When Leigha was in the last year of high school, she has asked me if I would re-decorate her room. Well, of course, you know what my answer was. I brightened her room up with fresh paint, purchased some new linens, and found these cute lamps. I didn't want just ordinary side tables for her, I really wanted them to be the signature accent for her room. Listed for $100 on Kijiji, these solid end tables were a steal. I painted them a crisp white and replaced the hardware for these polished nickel half-moons pulls.

I am not sure if it's the french provincial style or classic white of these side tables, but they do add such charm to this room, don't you agree? This room now sits pretty waiting for Leigha to come home for a visit, or for overnight guests.

The Window Treatment.

I wanted the drapery for Leigha's windows to have a grandeur feeling, but I was having difficulty finding ones with the length I was wanting. Even though I know custom ordering drapes is a great way to go, it just simply was not in the budget at the time. My Mom is really amazing at sewing and offered to make the drapes. We tend to have a lot of laughs in projects like these and I cherish the time with her. Off we went to our local Fabricland and found an incredible deal for drapery fabric. It has a great weight to it, so it hangs beautifully. $40 for drapery. I have washed them numerous times, and they still look great to this day, going on 7 years.

My Kitchen Stools.

When searching for stools for my island, I wanted something unique, but also something that went with a more modern almost farmhouse vibe for my kitchen area. I found these perfect stools on Facebook marketplace from a really nice lady in the Picton, Ontario area. She sold them to me for $50 for the pair. Even though I drove for almost an hour round trip to get them, they were so worth the drive. I love the black wrought iron legs with the natural wood stained seat!

Channeling Joanna Gaines.

Inspired by Joanna Gaines herself, I do love the signs she uses in her home and the spaces she decorates. I like to keep my spaces as clean and uncluttered as I can, so small pops of interest is really my vibe. Venturing around some Christmas markets a couple of years ago in this area, Mom, Leigha and I went to a quaint little store named Cranberry Hollow. Filled with all kinds of treasures, we were delighted with the selection. I saw this adorable sign and I just had to have it. $50, and I just love it.

My Living Room Drapery.

To this day, these drapes will go down as one of the best deals that I have ever found. It's one of those deals that you can't help tell people about when they comment on how nice they are. When we first moved into our home, this was a huge window that really did need some window treatments. We purchased the blind for my husband so the glare wouldn't take away from his TV watching. But, I am all about the style, and with this window being so large in the room, it needed some dressing up. I wanted something simple, but stylish at the same time. Floor to ceiling drapery is very expensive. I did inquire to a friend of mine, who worked for a local drapery store to give me a quote. Her price was fair, but the gorgeous drapes, and her suggestions, just weren't in my budget at the time. I did some shopping around for more of a DIY version. Naturally, after talking to my Mom about this, she and I jumped in the car again and headed to the local Fabricland.

While there, I found out...

1). There was a sale.

2). I love great fabric.

Need I say more?

Mom and her trusty sewing machine made these stunning drapes for me, and after 8 years I still love them. Can you even guess what they cost me? $30. They are one of my most favorite things in my home.

My Coffee Table.

I have gone on and on about this coffee table in many blogs and social media posts, I know. I recognize that I might have a problem! Seriously though, out of everything I have ever purchased for my home, this will be my favorite of them all. When it comes to my professional opinion about this table, it's too small for this space. But I can't help it, I love it. I love the story of it too. Before we moved into our home, I wanted to find a round coffee table for the living room. Finding one on Kijiji, my Dad and I hopped into his truck to go and get it. A beautiful, 80-year-old woman greeted us and told us stories of this table, and wished me luck as we carried it away. A fresh coat of paint, with a new piece of glass, this table has my heart. It holds my favorite seasonal decor, books, glasses of red wine and morning coffee.

In my almost 50 years on this earth, the one thing I have learned is that you have to make life matter. Your life and how you live it, matters. Your home is an important part of that. I want to be surrounded by the people I love the most before anything. But, I also want my home to be filled with things that I cherish and appreciate. I want this for you as well. As you can see, it doesn't have to have a high price tag to achieve that.

By the way, the coffee table was only $50.

Time with my Dad, and stories from the 80-year-old woman, priceless.

Live simple, love your space.

Tracy x


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