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  • Tracy Struthers

My five favorite ways to pamper yourself this Spring.

Thank goodness – Spring. I love spring. I love the newness of it. I love how my gardens can begin again, maybe even bigger and better than last year. I love the robins, our little rabbits that run around, and mostly how everyone is happier – don’t you?

In my blogs, I usually like to discuss how to live and love our space as it relates to our home. Today, it's about living simply, focusing on us first. So Ladies, this day is for you. Time to pamper yourselves.

I am not sure if you have spring traditions. I do – and it’s all about me. I do some spring pampering because I deserve it. I wanted to share these five ways to pamper, so you can try.

1. Favorite Spring Hair: Deep Hair Treatment – TS Formula

My hair. Yes, dry from the bitter winter, plus we have hard water, along with the demands of daily styling, can make my hair brittle and dry. I like to make my formulas at home, with ingredients I have on hand. This deep hair treatment is wonderful, and my hair is so smooth afterward.

2 tbsp plain yogurt

1 1 /2 tbsp of honey

½ tsp of coconut oil. (get the liquid kind found in most local grocery stores)

You can give these cute little jars as gifts

Massage into scalp. If you have long hair, you might want to double this recipe. Let sit for 15 minutes then wash out.

I love how the honey makes my hair so shiny

2). Favorite Spring Legs: Coconut Sugar Legs – TS Formula

My legs. Winter has made them dry, flaky and sometimes itchy. Spring is here, and that means bare legs and cute skirts, and my favorite red pumps. So, it’s prep time.

1 cup coconut oil (the liquid kind)

1 cup of sugar

Scrub on legs for a few minutes, then wash off. Blot dry. If any oil remains, gently massage it in. They will feel so wonderful.

Your legs are now ready for spring skirts and bare legs.

3) Favorite Lingerie – TS Style

Flannels? Does this describe your winter pajama attire? Well, it did mine. Spring means NEW. A cute spring ensemble – just for me. I like to purchase cute nightgowns that I feel great in. Whites, soft pinks and lavenders are my colours of choice. I found this wonderful 2 piece set at La Vie En Rose. I included the link you may buy one for yourself.

5) Favorite Spring Bedroom – TS Style

My favorite thing in the whole world, are fresh sheets. Every spring, I make an investment in my bedding. 600 or better thread count sheets, new pillow and shams. I like to always shop local when I can, and working with Marcey at Master Bedroom in Belleville, Ontario was an absolute pleasure. She sold me crisp white Egyptian cotton sheets, and a stunning Belgium linen duvet cover and shams. Not only do they feel like pure heaven slipping into them, they are ideal to keep you cooler during the hot weather that summer brings. No other place in the world can bring this kind of serenity. Make the investment in your bedding, you will notice the difference.

If you would like to do shopping for bedroom linens, please visit

5). Sprint Lavender Linen Spray – TS Formula

Lavender. I like to spray this on my pillows and around the room. It soothes me, calms me and provides a peaceful sleep. With our lives so busy, we need this tranquility. Use it in a spray bottle, or some fresh dried flowers on your night stand. You will love how a couple of sprays can bring such a wonderful fragrance to your bedding.

70 Drops of Lavender Essential Oil

2 cups of Distilled water

One glass or enameled water spray bottle (16-ounce bottle)

I hope you can find some time to pamper YOU. You are worth it.

Thank you for the visit.

Live simple, love your space

Tracy x

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