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How To Get Organized With A DIY Cabinet Remodel.

Do you have one thing in your life that may not reflect the rest of it? Maybe your home is crazy organized and tidy, but your purse is a disaster, or your car isn't living up to the same standards as you treat your house? I know that no one is perfect and that it's ok if you don't have every aspect of your life... impeccable.

If you paid a visit to my home, you would likely find it pretty tidy. Clutter gives me colossal anxiety, so I try to keep all of our spaces with only the things we need and love. Towel for the hot tub? Oh let me get that for you...really, let me get that for you! My linen closet is the one area I never want anyone to see. I know what the solution is, and I am finally going to tackle it.

After thinking about the items in the closet, I knew in order to help with better flow and function that I needed to reallocate some of the linens to a new area of my house. I popped onto the Facebook marketplace to see if there were any vintage cabinets that deserved a new home. I have been missing a good DIY project, so I was delighted to find the ideal dresser. With a bit of TLC, it will transform into the cabinet to host my linen.

Transformation time. I removed the handles and began the process of sanding it down. Even though sanding is my least favorite part of remodeling furniture, it is so necessary - especially if you want the paint to stick and never peel off. Not as planned - the veneer which was on the top of the dresser, began to chip off. Ugh. With half the veneer now, the only option was to remove it all. With a putty knife and a heat gun, I managed to get all of it off. Topping up the holes and dents with a touch of wood filler, and a final sand - it was now super smooth.

And, then primer.

Now for the part, I love - adding the color! I have wanting to incorporate some of the gray shade that is on my living room area rug - so adding this shade into my decor scheme will pull this color out from under the rug.

Normally, I tend to either buy or paint my furniture white, but wanted to venture out and try something a bit different. I am in love with this shade from Sherwin Williams - The Chat Room.

SW #6171

First coat a success.

Top ones - before. Bottom ones - after

In projects such as these, I try not to waste anything, even when it comes to the hardware. The handles that came with this cabinet albeit not very pretty, I felt had some potential.

I scuffed them up a bit with sandpaper to remove any loose dirt, wax build-up, and old paint with the intention of spray painting them. BUT - sometimes with vintage pieces, you uncover beauty underneath the layers. I found beautiful real brass metal under the paint. I sanded off all the paint and then buffed them to smooth them out. I am so thrilled about these.

Now onto the second coat of Chat Room, assemble the hardware and we are close to being done. Since I am storing linens such as tablecloths, napkins, and extra placemats, I wanted the drawers to be really clean. I wiped down the whole inside to eliminate any germs or bugs that old dressers can sometimes host. Also, the dresser had a bit of tobacco scent to it, so this cleaning process helped to rid it of any smells. I purchased some peel and stick paper to line the drawers so everything now is fresh and clean inside.

I am so pleased with the final product. The color I chose is a wonderful complement to my white walls and creamy furnishings. Plus, I am feeling a bit more organized with having my kitchen and dining room linens much more accessible and tidy.

Next, I tackle the linen closet - but we will leave that for another blog ;)

Another great DIY project. Thank you everyone x

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