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  • Tracy Struthers


I remember when Sean and I bought our first home, we spent endless hours of removing wallpaper. We purchased this old wartime house, with big ideas and dreams of what it could look like after the renovations were done. After a year of steaming, and scraping 5 layers of wallpaper, we had nice clean walls that we painted cream. Then we put up border wallpaper. We were insane? So in our defense, IT WAS THE STYLE BACK THEN! I vowed after that house to never put up wallpaper again. The trend of wallpaper seemed to die down, as homeowners including myself didn’t focus on it anymore.

Welcome back wallpaper! Can you believe it? It has been very trendy the last couple of years as we are seeing it being used by HGTV programs, decorators and homeowners alike. After my 20-year break, I am ready and excited to use it again, yippee!

We all want our spaces to feel brighter, warmer, bigger and more cohesive, don't we? Wallpaper can achieve this. There is a vast array of patterns and textures to choose from. It is easy to apply and quite easy to remove. So there shouldn't be fear to apply it. Heck, it's just paper - if you change your mind, it's not like it's there forever!

I am drawn to the way papering your walls can bring the room together and give the space the unique look it deserves. Your biggest decision you have to make is what style you are trying to achieve, and whether you want to be bold or a more subtle tone.

I have compiled some ideas for you, that might inspire you when decorating your home.

Livettes Wallpaper

In the past 5 years, we have really seen an insurgence of mid-century modern furnishings. This Scandinavian influenced wallpaper really does capture the essence of this decorating scheme. I like the interest in the paper, but still maintaining the softness of the grays. Interesting but yet subtle. This paper is very versatile, as I can see this as an accent in a bathroom, a bedroom and even a baby’s room. I find this pattern very calming, don’t you?

Decor Pad

This country-style wallpaper is a lovely way to bring a romantic and playful scheme to any room. There is a warmth that is achieved here, with the birds, flowers and woodsy feel that makes you picture this home is nestled around a beautiful English landscape. With a combination of board and batten in this bathroom, you will fall in love with this space and likely find reasons to never leave it.

Sarah Richardson Design

One of nature’s most beautiful treasures is flowers. We bring them into our homes with cut flowers and sometimes we wear them on our clothes. Why not create a beautiful space in your home with them? If you are looking for a way to add some interest in your dining room, this floral pattern will absolutely help you achieve that. The soft blue roses will be the showstopper for this room, so remembering to keep the furnishings simple will be key. Natural wood dining tables, white buffets, jute rugs, and simple patterned fabrics will be key to pulling this room together.


Texture rich grasscloth wallpaper is like trading in your minivan for a 2-door convertible mustang. Classy, visually appealing and will compliment all design schemes from boho to contemporary. It brings incredible interest to any room with so much more dimension than just paint alone. You can choose a subtle color palette, or go bold like dark blues and blacks. The grasscloth wallpaper proves that understated is not boring. A great choice if you are looking to freshen up a dining room, entranceway or even your living room.

Sarah Richardson Design

With spring just around the corner, bird print wallpaper will breathe new life into a room. Half wall, accent or even full walls, this refreshing and unique paper really creates joy in this entranceway. If you are a lover of vintage finds, this print will surely inspire you to bring them both together. These tiny birds capture the beauty of this entranceway and allow other complementary patterns from pillows to rugs to truly take flight together. What a wow factor upon entering this home. If you are not a decorator by profession, you will look like one with this kind of statement.


Having unique and interest packed spaces need not end with your child’s room. A playful mountain design will open up the space to the wonders of nature and the world around them. The gray snow-tipped cartoon mountains and bright happy sun are perfect to bring a happy space to a nursery or kids’ bedroom. Stylish and fun is exactly the kind of room you will want to awaken the imagination. I have seen this effect done with paint, but wallpaper is a quicker and much easier way to bring this scheme in. How fun.

Simple Shapes

Go bold and be brave. Large peonies on your wall, if coordinated correctly can be extremely worthwhile when choosing it in a bedroom accent setting. This romantic moody print has a very vintage feel to it, but also a modern twist as well. Pairing it with simple furnishings in a master bedroom, or in a baby girls’ room, this pretty and feminine choice is a perfect inspiration.

These are only a couple of options of many many patterns and textures you can choose from. I hope this has stimulated your creative side to try something different when refreshing your space. You might just love the results.

Please share your wallpaper journey with me, I would love to see your creations.

Happy Decorating!

Tracy x


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