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By: Tracy Struthers Lifestyle

Yes. Yes, you do. Although the act of putting more money into something you want to sell off may seem - um, crazy? How you live in your space, and how you stage it to appeal to buyers are two different things. When you live in your home, privacy is the objective. When you sell your home, it is on display for the world to see. Did you know that 40% of buyers are motivated to look at a home that has appealed to them from the pictures online?

Let's be honest folks, selling and moving - ain't no picnic! I don't know many homeowners who enjoy this process. If you do - then hats off to you! Why not make the process better. Staging does this. If changing the paint color, rearranging, purging, replacing, and updating can sell your home faster and likely for more money - why wouldn't you do this?

Hiring a stager is an option. That's what I do! It is very exciting for me to take a space and help transform it into a magazine-worthy property. Some homes are in pretty good shape already - and require some simple tune-ups. I have given you 7 of my best advice worthy tips below.

That is 7 of the top ways to stage your home. Staging is a key element in successfully selling your home.

Did you know that I offer a staging special? A two hour consultation to get your home photo ready, is a brilliant idea to attract the perfect buyer.

In this market, home staging is a must.

Investing in a home stager, or tackling it yourselves, either way - you will have great results.

Good luck, and happy selling.

Live simple, and love your space

Tracy x


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