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7 of my Favorite Things for Spring

People ask me all the time where I find my great deals or specific pieces in my home. I research, shop and compare. I love buying decor that is trendy, however, I prefer investing in pieces that have longevity. In today's blog, I wanted to showcase 7 of my favorite things for you, and your home this spring.

1). Clear glass bottomed lamps.

Clear glass bottomed lamps with a crisp white shade. I love this look as it truly can be incorporated into any decor scheme, and having a clear glass bottom, it can stay in style for a very long time. I do love the sea grass greens, and sky blues that are also very trendy right now. I know for me, however, I like my decor to stay in style for as long as possible. Clear glass is safe choice but gorgeous.

If you love these here is the link.

2). Natural Wicker Pendant Lights.

To me, nothing says summer like wicker. Am I right? These can be incorporated over your dining table in a screened in or covered porch. These can also be used in bedrooms or entrance ways that you might want to provide a more beachy feel too. They are lightweight, and such a conversation piece. I have a similar one like this in my office, and I always get such great compliments.

To get one for your home visit this link:

3). Camille Long Stem Wine Glasses

In my opinion, nothing compliments a glass of wine better than a long stem glass. Here is a confession. If a restaurant serves me a glass of wine in a stemless glass, it's likely I won't go back. Shocking? I feel a glass of wine, deserves only to be cradled in a beautiful long stem glass. Well, I found the perfect ones. Watching the show Scandal – and Olivia Pope, sipping wine from these Camille Red Wine glasses, I could do nothing else but find them, and buy them. I love them.

To get your own Camille Glasses- visit this link:

4). Sage Diffuser

My daughter bought me one of these diffusers, and being so trendy right now I had to include it in my favorites for spring. You can purchase so many aromas, from lavender to lemon, eucalyptus to mint. Such wonderful scents. I have the bigger one, as it fills my living room better with amazing aromas. You do have to be careful with certain scents around your pets, a little research is good to find out which ones are safe for your animals.

To get one for your home, visit this link.

5). Kimberly Ferns

If you visit or even drive by my home in the spring and summer, you will see these in my planters at my front door, and around my back deck. I love them because they thrive in the shade but also do so well in partial sun and shade. They grow HUGE and require very little maintenance. Ferns to me is an essential plant I cannot live without. Adding the deep green, and the lush look of them brings my outdoor pots to life every year. They can be found at almost any garden nursery in your area.

6). Bamboo Sheets

Ladies! These sheets are for us. I made the investment with these bamboo sheets, now, my nights are restful and my covers stay on. They are cool when I need it, and warm when I need it. They are smooth, silky and I feel like a duchess sleeping on them. They are antibacterial, that wick away moisture for comfort. I have the white ones, but they are other colors to choose from. This had to make my favorite list for you to buy this spring. You will love them.

You can find them at Master Bedroom, located in Belleville Ontario or go to this link and order.

7). Lavender and Rosemary Hand Soap:

My final favorite thing for spring is this hand soap. Soap has never felt so great, smelt so amazing and so pretty to look at. I can’t lie, I love washing my hands just to use this product. I love the lavender and rosemary scent, as it makes me feel like I have gone back in time to a countryside in Paris. They offer Lemongrass, Sweet Orange scents as well, but this one is my favorites. I had my girlfriends over for wine, and they fell in love with this soap. They all have them now in their homes. You can find this at the local Homesense, Winners, and Marshalls.

You can also order them online, but they are double the cost than buying them locally. They are popular, so I stock up when I see them.

Here is the link:,online_chips:hand+soap&usg=AI4_-kQ8CHPfIUMGJEqdluA5C5WKyvoqGg&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwif2s66m8ThAhUD0YMKHYCIBnEQ4lYIMigJ&biw=1888&bih=920&dpr=1#imgrc=V8wS1GyqyPrgSM:

What will you try first? The soaps, the wine glasses, the sheets? So many great ideas for you to try. Thank you for visiting.

Live simple, love your space

Tracy x

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