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3 Large Oak Trees are living in my home.

Every year, my husband Sean and I like to jump into doing a renovation on our home. It keeps our house current so when we decide to sell we are ready, plus I think it's fun. I am not sure he loves it as much but always enjoys the result. The next project will be renovating our basement area. By adding a cozy, but sleek living room, a board game area, a small bathroom, a reading nook, loads of storage, and pool table area, will not only give us a beautiful living space, but it will also increase the value of our home. Yes, this will be much work. When it seems too much for us to handle, I remind myself and Sean, to take each task in stride, instead of everything all at once. Sure, we will need help with some trades; but we can do this.

Flooring to me is the most critical element to the design I have in mind for this space. Clean lines, flowing spaces, open and airy. When you have the opportunity, as we do with our basement, to start from cement floors, you can begin with fresh ideas and a clean slate. What kind of flooring do I want? What type of flooring speaks to me from a design element, but the practicality of pets and longevity. What are some trends in the market?

Then I found it: Pure Genius, Air Purifying Smart Floors. Part of what I implement into designs and suggestions to my clients is to incorporate elements into their homes, that is going to be a want or need in the future. Floors that breathe, yes I believe this is something of the future.

Did you know the indoor air we breathe is more pollutant than the air outside? Since we live in airtight homes, home cleaners, products, and furnishings emit toxins in the air you breathe. We spend 90% of our time indoors, and 14 hours a day at least in our homes. Did you also know that asthma has increased over the past ten years, by 160%? Can this be from the air quality in homes today? Who knows. I do understand that while the world is changing, our needs and wants in our homes will change too.

So I began my research. I searched for Scandinavian style, light wood flooring. "This wood flooring is it's like having three trees in your home," popped up on my search. My whole simplistic way of living, is clean lines, plants, fresh air, bright and airy. So automatically I wanted to know more. I read that these floors improve the air quality of your home; plus it makes the air 85% purer – cleaner. I also learned that it reduces respiratory symptoms and reduces stubborn odors from cooking and pet smells. Wow. So I am going to look into this flooring for my basement renovation. How could I not? It's brilliant.

This smart floor so inspires me, that I called my trusted flooring company Carpet One, here in Belleville, Ontario to see if they carry this line. To my delight – THEY DO! Carpet One also recognizes the importance of keeping your home updated with the latest in trends, so they are offering everyone who signs up for my BLOG, a discount towards any flooring of your choice. When you sign up, I will send you the coupon to your email. There are so many choices to be found at Carpet One, from flooring, furniture, mattresses to window treatments. They are having a winter sale, check it out.

All these statistics I have discussed, and flooring information for these smart floors can be found at Go into Carpet One in Belleville and see this genius/smart flooring for yourself., or visit their website

I am so happy I happened upon this flooring. What is even more perfect is that it is made in Quebec. I love supporting Canadian companies. When you are looking at renovating your home, keep in mind the changes you are making. Is it changes for you to enjoy, or for the future owners of your house. Happy Renovating.

Live Simple, love your space.


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