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  • Tracy Struthers

3 Amazing Products That I'm OBSESSED With For My Home


Sometimes when you are so inspired, so impressed and kind of obsessed about products you love, you CAN’T help yourself but tell everyone about them, right? I am BEYOND excited to bring to you another triple feature on some businesses who have amazing products that I have in my home. I completely support businesses who put their heart and soul into their work, and their products reflect that. I applaud their success. If you are working at achieving your dreams, and believe in your business like it was your child – then I am here to say – DON'T stop, and slay it honey!

In my home, I try very hard to use products that are kind to the environment. I also only choose products or decor that I feel great about. I like to be choosy. You appreciate what you have this way, versus having too much stuff.

Here are 3 businesses I am so excited to tell you about.

True to her company name, Maddi Barker is a sweet and kind mama of three beautiful little girls, who has found a unique niche in our marketplace and is slaying it like a warrior. SweetSips was born four years ago while Maddi was away on maternity leave with her baby twin girls. A former graphic artist and creative soul, she needed an outlet to fuel it. She knows the joy and often exhausting moments of Mama-hood, so she originally began creating designs on mugs to bring a smile with that first cup of the day. Talk about sheer brilliance. Take the morning coffee we all love and make it even better with amazing mugs. SweetSips has taken off like a rocket. People are loving these mugs, and rightly so. Creative articulation and amazing graphics make these a one of kind mug for all. Well, hold on for the ride, Sweet sips mugs are hot. She is filling orders across the country and into the USA. This is INCREDIBLE.

Cheeky and sassy. One of their best sellers.

These cheeky, sassy and very often offside designs make people laugh, and gives us something to relate too. Her library is extensive, and she is launching her fall designs as we speak. These are wonderful gifts ideas, or something fun for yourself. Whatever your reason, these mugs are truly amazing.

Maddi is the epitome of a dream with work boots on. She has taken her passion and created a unique business that inspires us all. When you meet Maddi, she feels like your best friend the moment you meet her with an incredible sense of humor, that completely shows within her products. I cherish the simple pleasures a great cup of coffee brings inside the perfect mug. Maddi has captured this with her business. SweepSip's brings a smile to our day, one mug at a time. Is there anything better than that? I think not.

Clever mugs perfectly suited for today's coffee drinker

To get your SweetSips mug follow this link:

Enter code TracyStruthers10 to receive 10% off your order!

Follow SweetSips on Facebook and Instagram

Home is my haven, and the place I love to be. I fill my home with the people I love and things that make me feel special. Candles do this for me. There is nothing quite like coming home from a long day and lighting a scented candle. I only want to use products in my home that are kind and gentle to our environment, and safe for my family. I found Yummi Candles that are manufactured in Toronto. They have been a family-owned and operated business since 1976, providing outstanding quality, containing no harmful dyes or fragrances and do not contain any leads wicks. They allow me the fill my home with the abundance of scent without sacrificing the air quality for my family and pets. I prefer the simple scent of White Linen, but you must know I'm excited to try the Quebec Maple and Pumpkin Pie and the Fudge.

Yummi Candles can set the mood for your occasion. Asking her to marry you? Bringing in the weekend? Thanksgiving dinner with family? There is nothing quite like the flickering of the flame and the scent that can create the perfect atmosphere for the most important moments. I wonder if the Quebec Maple and Pumpkin Pie will remind me of gathering sap with my Grampa? It’s funny how scents can conjure memories, right?

White linen - my favorite

Did you know that these candles have been featured in magazines such as House Beautiful, Martha Stewart Living, and Coastal Living, to mention a few? I am so impressed with their quality, stunning retail locations and mostly the scents of their candles.

One of many options for candles.

If you match your candles to your decor as I do, or simply love the selection of great scents, you are going to go crazy with these candles. Their glass jars are beautiful in of themselves, never mind the gorgeous aromas that come out of them.

Visit one of their three locations (Two Toronto locations and one in Mississauga).

You can also conveniently order your candles from their website

Brenda and Amber Thompson, a mother-daughter duo, have brought something so sweet and unique to our market. Sweet Burrow Co. brings wonderful and thoughtful ideas to add comfort and style to our homes and lives. Their creations are nothing I have seen before and now something I can't get enough of.

Their products are made from the heart and such clever ideas that are so useful and gentle to our environment. I love their useful snack packs available in many fabric choices (patterns are always changing). An unique way to stop using plastics and carry our snacks in style. Imagine how cool of a Mom you would be when packing your kids lunches? Jessica Alba cool? Hell ya!

Washable and stylish options for your lunch boxes

PODS PODS and more PODS. Ok, this is SERIOUSLY clever and exactly what I needed. Mine holds everything I need (sunglasses to lipstick). I hook it up in the car and it keeps everything so tidy. Plus – it's CRAZY adorable. Just think the stuff you can put in there for your kids (one for each of your kids?)

My POD, in taupe gingham. So handy and adorable

Getting to know Brenda and Amber, I have learned about their journey, and how a year of planning and taking that leap of faith has proven to be the right choice. People are raving about their products, and the word is getting out. I LOVE when passion and dedication are noticed and rewarded. Their goal, to create whimsical decor to brighten your space and make it your own.

They showed me this SIT UPON that they created. Hold on, this is cuteness overload. It can be used as a comfy cushion, a pad for your baby (a great idea for a changing pad – machine washable), or how about a bed for your fur baby? Available in several colors. The unique leaf shape makes it a one of kind gift, and great decor idea for a babies room.

Baby Oliver loving his SIT UPON - Pad

Sweet Burrow Co. are creating products for your home that start a conversation, make you look twice and fill you with joy every time.

You will find them at local side hustle markets around Belleville, Prince Edward County and in the Toronto area. You will be completely impressed and absolutely in love with your purchases.

I love their products as they are all designed for the best place to be - home.

Sweet Burrow Co. is bringing us home.

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram, Sweet Burrow Co.

As you know I am a big supporter of companies with great vision that have products that are gentle to our environment.

I hope you love them as much as I do.

Live simple, love your space

Tracy x


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