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  • Tracy Struthers

Why we vacationed locally, and how to do it!

Will you marry me? Sean is there on the futon with me, watching who knows what on TV. Situated in the tiniest apartment in Kingston, Ontario, a spontaneous young man to whom I today call my husband, turns his head and asks “Will you marry me?” No ring, no fuss, no billboards, asks me to marry him! Um, sure I answered! I was going crazy inside (like for real), but my outer shell was keeping it cool. 25 years later, well I can say it worked out.

My experience in life has taught me, that simplicity is the recipe for success for our marriage. Sure, the fun-filled packed adventures seem great? We have done those. I have come to understand that my husband is a homebody just like me. A couple of days away are great, but home time is always on the horizon. Simplicity suits us. So, when our 25 years of marriage was upon us, we chose a local adventure. One that took us away, enjoyed our local businesses but didn't keep us from home too long. We chose the attractions and food of Prince Edward County, Ontario. Literally over the bridge and 20 minutes. Every corner you will find local artisan cheeses, spectacular vineyards, and mustard, yes even locally crafted mustard. People travel from Toronto and beyond to be here. It made sense for us to celebrate this way. Our busy schedules didn’t allow for a big extravagant trip, nor do I believe we would want it.

We booked into the Lake on the mountain, Lakeside Suite in Picton, Ontario. The room was cozy and the view was spectacular, exactly the vibe and serenity we were hoping for. It fit us perfectly. We dined at their restaurant on-site, I enjoyed the fish and Sean devoured the ribs. Perfection. As the sun set for the evening, we curled up in our Adirondack chairs, lit the sage candle we brought, sipped red wine, and listened to the loons sing on the lake. Can I ask you - is there anything better in life than this? To me, there is not.

The Lakeside Suite, Lake on the Mountain

The days following this were filled with touring more vineyards, cider companies and dining at incredible restaurants. We stopped by a lovely restaurant in Bloomfield: The Agrarian Bistro and Bar. Here we sipped Pink Sangria drinks and ate scrumptious food. From their friendly staff, mouth-watering dishes, to their neat vine awning, this place was one worth mentioning.

We invested in the local taxi company – The Taxi Guy to show us around the sites. We tasted wines from TerraCello Winery (hosting a pizza oven from Italy; outstanding wine), Waupoos Estates Winery (picturesque vineyards with a stunning tasting bar), and Karlos Estates Wineries (artisan wines with unique food pairings). Each boasting its own unique atmosphere and customer experience. The taste testing was fun as it was delicious.

Waupoos Estates

Our last day, we relaxed and enjoyed the sun at the Sandbanks Provincial Park. We lucked out for the weather; however, the water was quite cold. We read our books, ate chips and listened to the waves. Oprah’s book of the month and my sun hat – guys, I was seriously in heaven.

Sandbanks Beach

Here is a wonderful video for you to watch. This really captures our weekend.

I read this quote "No man needs a vacation so much as the man who just had one." Elbert Hubbard. Gosh, this is so true.

My advice to you is this. You need to celebrate the small things and the big. Appreciate the blessings that have been laid upon you. If a big trip isn't in your abilities due to time and possibly finances, why not look at your local tourism and indulge in it. Some pretty incredible things are in your backyard. Just be happy, have love in your life and be inspired.

Live simple, love your space

Tracy x


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