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Why Vintage Furniture Is Trending // Is It Here To Stay?

Old dressers, weathered tables and even chairs with missing legs - have always been my thing. I see, even in its worst shape, the potential. I have been known to venture the odd flea market, antique stores and even the backrooms of old barns to get my hands on some treasures. I have had family members question my choices on several of my findings - but to then see the beauty of it. Sometimes, I just clean off the dust and cobwebs and love it exactly the way it is. I think I need a bumper sticker for my SUV that says "I brake for #VINTAGE". There is something about the history and uniqueness of each piece I find so charming. I never really worry about whether it will fit in my home décor, I honestly feel that if you love it - there are really no rules to follow. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut.

What do I want my home to say about me, or look like? At the end of the day, I want a home that holds thoughtfully gathered décor in a space that feels lived in. This is why I am ecstatic that so many people have fallen in love with this vintage trend. Folks are embracing the imperfection and individuality of #vintage and antique finds. Intentional decorating and adopting practices of possessing only things that bring the most joy is on the rise. How our society now sees home life and the way we want to live - is quite profound. Did COVID do this, or would it have come to pass just the same? The simple - but also detailed features from a vintage piece of furniture, artwork or décor can steer the compass to the rest of your design and the story of you. There is meaning to having a dining room table, per se, that has hosted 50 years of families sitting around it, sharing their stories, triumphs and struggles to then bring that table into your home for a new set of memories to be shared.

Are the vintage trends we are seeing in home décor and furniture here to stay?

I say, yes.

It could be a lot of hopeful thinking, perhaps.

I believe this trend is showing us that we all want more meaning to what we bring into our homes.

Vintage Goods, Are They Better Quality?

Well, yes ! If you have ever offered to move your grandparents effects, you may have noticed how heavy their furniture was. Antiques were constructed with quality materials because they were built to last! Solid oak and mahogany woods are some materials you would come to find in these quality pieces, and craftsmanship that lasts 50 to 100 years. Even though the "fast fashion" of buying furniture is easy (not always so much the assembly) from places like IKEA, the chances of you still owning that piece for 20 years is unlikely.

Is Buying Vintage Kinder To The Environment ?

We live in a world full of have more, buy more, NOW! Sometimes you get so far down the rabbit hole of being in such a hurry to decorate a space, that we forget what we are are actually trying to achieve in the space. If we instead, slow down and be patient for the right #vintage piece you could end with something of a higher quality that could be better suited for your home than that of a modern piece. If we take this triple R approach (reduce, reuse and recycle) and seriously stop the waste of "fast fashion" in décor, we can curb this consumerism and lovingly own our furniture for as long as we have homes to live in. Just imagine how much less production, packaging and waste that would mean?

Can You Save Money Buying Vintage?

Hands down - YES. If you're a fan of negotiating prices, or just keeping on eye on Facebook marketplace, you can sometimes find exceptional pieces for a fraction of the cost of something new, and in many cases of much better quality. That's the power of buying vintage. Even with some repair, or a fresh coat of paint - you're still further ahead dollar wise this way. Let me present this interesting nugget. If you are fortunate enough to grab a vintage find that not only you love - but purchased it at a steal of a deal (which you will likely tell everyone about), you will own this piece for quite possibly the rest of your life. So instead of buying 2-3 of that same item new, over 50 years, you will just own one. Just think about that.

We live in a era with television reality shows and social media of before and after's with rooms being cleared out of the old and new brought in. I am happy, in fact, delighted that we are making better choices in our home goods and thinking about how our homes speak to who are. Consider vintage - it's truly amazing how much joy it will give you.


Tracy x

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