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Why Everyone Is Going Plastic Free?

How many of you have made it into the grocery store, and then realized you forgot your reusable bags? (ugh) AND THEN - confessed to the cashier that you really do own some - but simply forgot them, in your car, at home, or your dog ate them? The confession happens. I am sure they hear it a million times a day. I can honestly say, it has become a good habit of mine to remember to bring my own fabric bags in. I have even invested in the cutest little mesh bags for my produce. So, I feel I am doing ok. Nope - real talk, this isn't even close to what you and I should be doing.

The increase in the production of plastics is growing. It is a crisis, and to solve it - we must significantly reduce the use of single-use and disposable plastics at its source.

Here are some staggering statistics that might shock you about Plastic

(sorry, have to get serious for a minute).

1. Canadians produce about 3.3 million tonnes of plastic waste every year, which is equivalent to the weight of 25 CN towers. Also, Canadians use almost 15 billion plastic bags every year, according to our government.

2. For decades, wealthier nations like Canada have been sending plastic waste to less wealthy countries that do not have proper waste management systems.

3. 2 million kilograms of plastic leaks into our oceans every day. To paint this picture for you, it would be like dumping a garbage truck’s worth of plastic into our oceans every minute. Recycling won’t end this disaster. Plastic is flooding our oceans and devastating marine life. 

4. If you a lover of all animals, mammals, and marine organisms - then the idea of them suffering from ingesting plastics or entanglements - would bother you. It does me. Plastics never go away, instead, they are broken down into smaller pieces. When eaten by fish, some of these contaminated microplastics work their way up the food chain and into our food supply. It is estimated that humans consume approximately one credit card worth of plastic each week - EACH WEEK!

If you were not paying attention to this crisis before, I hope you are now. Making changes to our daily habits is not going to be easy - but we must. If we all take a serious effort in living plastic-free, or at the very least - using less plastic - I feel in my heart we can make a difference.

Take this quiz and see how you do. I'm embarrassed to tell my score.

Thank goodness, there are some smart and creative businesses out there, working hard to replace our everyday products with better alternatives. I am doing my part in replacing plastic products I use in my home and putting a major focus on selling eco-friendly products in my new home store.

You know what is like, so cool (sorry did I sound like a 90's teenager there?). When you have products you have become so routine with and then replaced them for trendy looking eco-friendly solutions, and you're loving them! Yeah, that is cool. You are making a difference and looking pretty fly doing it (ok I will stop).

So, I fell in love with a dish block and a bamboo scrub brush. I have learned - that one dish block replaces 3-6 bottles of liquid dish soap. If 100 people used the dish block - that's 60 plastic bottles. If 1,000 people used the dish block - that's 600 plastic bottles. Or 5,000 people = 30,000 plastic bottles. You get the point.

It's very easy to use. Take a palm scrubber, dish brush, or a dishcloth, and wet it. Rub it onto the dish block - until it becomes nice and sudsy.

Scrub your plates, glasses, pots, and pans with the nice foamy soap.

Simple to use, plus it looks really trendy on your counter. If you are loving this dish block as much as we are, head over to my home store for a little shopping.

In a nutshell - I am asking you, maybe even pleading with you, to try harder. Make one change today, 3 changes in a month from now, 6 changes... and so on. You have nothing to lose, and only a healthy climate to gain. I know we come together often on this blog, to discuss decorating tips, painting advice, and downsizing options, and so on - and for that I thank you. Every now again though, I like to talk about incredibly important topics such as the earth we all share. Becoming more knowledgable of easy changes we all can make for the greater good - is so important. I appreciate you all taking the time to join in.

We are in this together.

Tracy x

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