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  • Tracy Struthers

What’s Your Interior Design Style? 3 Questions and a Quiz

What is my design style? A good question. When you buy your first home or looking to make changes, you find yourself searching for design ideas.

My best advice as a decorator for anyone that is buying a home, brand new or pre-owned, take your time decorating it. Live it in for a while. How does your current furnishings work in the space? Do they match the style of the house and current trends?

Some questions to ask yourself if you are trying to figure out your style?

1). What do you want your home to say about you as a person and/or your family?

2). What would you like the space to be/achieve?

3). What do you like and dislike about the room(s)?

Our homes are reflections of our character and our personality. You want to choose a scheme that mirrors your lifestyle.

Here are three interior design styles, that are the most popular today.

Photo by Angelina Alekseeva

If this is appealing to you, you find comfort in sleek clean spaces without clutter. You enjoy the calmness of your home, but find pride in the high fashion of it. The minimal style focuses on function before form. Modern architects choose this style to create homes that feature a strong open floor plan, with large glass windows or walls.

Photo by Style at Home

Is this is appealing to you, you enjoy a more muted palette, with bold punches of color. Clean, sleek lines accented with artwork, or in this case views of a lake. You love your space and often entertain there. The architecture is rooted in the “now.” This design is typically innovative and forward-looking. This design takes cues from all types of design.

Photo by Crunch Home

Rustic yet refined, Modern farmhouse style is known for its warmth and simplicity. Ship lap, vintage pieces, and antiques, sliding barn doors, wood, and steel. Cream walls remain the color of choice, paired with neutrals, bold hues and patterns like this vintage Italian tile on the fireplace. Your home is warm, with comfortable furniture, and interesting decor accents.

I love doing quizzes, so I was going to create one for you to do – to help you define your style. Instead, I found two online for you to try.

First Quiz:

Welcome to Havenly.

Start the Style Quiz:

I took this quiz. You have to enter your email, to get the result. It was fun and pretty accurate. My result was bang on coming in at - Minimal with a touch of Scandinavian. I have some modern farmhouse in my decor but feel great about these results.

Second Quiz:

HGTV Find Your Design Style + Toast Your Good Taste

I took this quiz. I didn’t like it as much as the Havenly one. I felt the pictures were a bit dated, but was fun just the same. My result was good coming in at - Modern.

Give this a try, and see what your result is? Do some research, create a Pinterest board and have some fun with it.

Happy Designing.

Live Simple, love your space.

Tracy x


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