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  • Tracy Struthers

Vintage Meets Modern. How To Blend Like A Designer.

Photo Source ~ Sam Sacks

Vintage and antiques are rising in popularity. Perhaps rising is too delicate of a word. Soaring would be much more fitting.

Why now? This traditional design is back in the spotlight as folks are looking for comfort in the familiarity of these pieces. Could it be the sustainability factor? As antique pieces were made many years ago, they incur a much smaller footprint than that of the newer furnishings of today. There has been a noticeable resurgence of vintage and antique treasures being incorporated with designers like Leanne Ford and Amber Interiors to mention a few, but also you are seeing these unique finds in local boutiques around you.

Like very many families, you may have inherited pieces from your relatives, possibly gathering dust in your garage or placed in a random spot in your house.

Or maybe you are a thrift store aficionado where you enjoy the hunt for that perfect gem. Either way, we are here to say, it's time to embrace the character that they exude, and incorporate into your home.

I can feel you all now going out to the garage and dusting off that dresser from Grandma Betty. We’ve rounded up some valuable ways to incorporate your vintage finds into a modern space.

When it comes to incorporating bigger vintage pieces into your design, this is precisely the time to get out of your comfort zone and create a space that unique and quite stunning. Just when you thought that wire bucket chairs couldn't possibly work with an antique table, we are showing you that they can easily work together without breaking the aesthetic of your design.

Photo Source ~ Nicety Live Journal

With dressers, side tables, artwork, chests, and rugs (we STOP THE CAR for vintage rugs), there is such a diverse selection of antiques you can choose from. Using these pieces in a modern scheme requires just a little bit of thought. Try to adopt a neutral palette and blend materials such as warm woods with your antique pieces.

Photo Source ~ Sheer Luxe

If you are out thrifting and find a vintage piece that stands out and you don’t know how to work it into your aesthetic, we suggest making it the space's focal point. This mirror is the superstar of the space and puts an exclamation point on the design of this bedroom.

Photo Source ~ Chez Pluie

Nothing adds an extra touch of charm to a space quite as vintage pieces do. I cannot imagine a better place than this, to sneak away and journal, plan your next vacation or pay your bills (which would be enjoyable doing from this space). This simple and clean nook exudes warmth with an exclusive feel with this antique desk. You just simply couldn't capture this moment with a modern desk, but it blends in beautifully with other modern pieces.

Photo Source ~ Schweitzer Linen

I find myself saying to my design clients, the number one thing to remember when mixing modern with vintage decor is that everything doesn't need to match. Yes, you read that right, they do NOT need to match. Rooms are far more interesting and individualized with contrasting materials, artwork, and styles.

Photo Source ~ Darla Powell

Whether you are creating a quiet but compelling vintage vignette or introducing the star of the room piece, we suggest you experiment until it feels right. Most of all, have fun with it.

Happy Decorating

Tracy x

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