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Two Neighbors, Two Entrance Doors, and Two Different Looks.

For years, I have gone back and forth on what paint color I wanted for my entrance door. Maybe black, or a blue, or maybe a light beigey oyster color, I couldn't commit. When I do consultations for clients, I see colors that will be perfect for their space instantly. When choosing for my own home, I find it much harder. With a bit more time on my hands this summer, I decided that it was time to settle on a color and give my door a makeover.

In my amazing neighborhood, I found my friend Krista, a like-minded home decor nut like myself, who also shares the same commonality of having a husband who refuses to paint. So if we want it done, then it is up to us to do it.

We were chatting a couple of weeks ago about how she would like to paint her front door! I always say great decorating minds think alike! It took no time at all after for us to get our colors selected and the painting day nailed down.

With a 6:30 am start, in my ripped jean shorts, favorite painting shirt, messy hair, rubber gloves, and coffee in hand, I began the door transformation. Glancing over my shoulder, there is Krista working at her door as well. Teasingly, I told her, that she is the classist painter I have ever seen. In her cute sundress, she makes painting look elegant.

Our decorating styles inside our homes are very similar, focusing on clean lines, light, bright furnishings and paint colors. The paint colors that we both chose for our entranceways, however, are very different.

Krista's Door

Her red door, that she decided to paint over, was not a reflection of her style anymore and she wanted something fresher and much brighter. With so many colors to choose from, you can find the perfect shade so that your entrance door can become an individualized extension of you.  With Krista being so creative and vibrant, with a calming demeanor, the new color of her door is perfect to showcase that.

Going lighter, she opted on using a Sherwin Williams primer to cover the red, as painting over this shade can be tricky.

Two coats on with her new color, and may I say, IT'S GORGEOUS!

Krista did an incredible job of not only picking this beautiful color but with how she uses her great eye for decor and brought her exterior space together. Selecting gorgeous flowers, layered jute, and woven mats to the black and white patterned pillows; she has now a simple stunning entrance to her home. When I see this color, I feel calm, and at peace. The blue/gray coastal vibe from the Sherwin Williams line is the ideal color to welcome guests into their home; so bright, so pretty and so happy. Simply amazing Krista.

My Door.

I am pleased that I decided to tackle the door this year since the paint was beginning to chip off. As a homeowner, I think I deserve better than a boring front door, with peeling paint! The dark dull gray that was on there, was bland and unappealing. I wanted a warm and welcoming color to increase my home's curbside appeal, and a rich earthy tone to harmonize with my exterior decor.

I had to peel off the loose paint and sand the door but no primer was needed. I edged around windows and trim with some masking tape, and we were ready for the new color.

Drum roll, please...

I am thrilled with how this color turned out, and how it has freshened up the entranceway with its elegant and vibrant tone. I chose this shade for two reasons. First, I really enjoy the earthy green peeking through the gray tone. Secondly, it perfectly complements my cedar planters with ferns in the summer and pine and cedar boughs in the winter.

There is no easier way to update the exterior of your home than a fresh coat of paint for your door. But don't just refresh the current shade, go for something different! Pair it with some new hardware, or new exterior decor and you will have a brand new look, with very little effort.

I would like to thank Krista for being my guest in this week's blog. I am sure you will see her and I joining together for more decorating projects down the road.

Happy Painting!

Tracy x

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