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  • Tracy Struthers

Top 5 Interior Design Trends To Watch For In 2021.

Bungalow 56

What we have experienced globally in 2020, has changed us. Who you were before, is not who you will be now. Never before in history has the act of staying at home and doing nothing has helped the human race more. Whether you have experienced subtle changes or major ones, living in times of this pandemic has changed your way of thinking, and living. How do you feel this new year is going to be? I sense a change is on the horizon. A gentle breeze of optimism is in the air.

I, and like many of you, will create the menu for my resolution as I enter the new year. Eating better and exercising more always makes my list. After staring at the same walls for almost a year, I am certain refreshing your space is more paramount than ever. It certainly is for me. Maybe this is the year you change the color of the walls in your bedroom or a simple update to a coffee table. Perhaps it's a total makeover.

Designers are taking cues to this new way of living, based on the current obligations of being home. No longer is it only a place to unwind and relax after a long day. Our spaces now must function like a Mille-feuille - so many layers. What happened outside of the home is now taking place within our four walls. Adapting to this new normal, but also being content in our spaces will be a priority for 2021.

Home Offices

Likely in the past, if you had to work from home, it would have been at your kitchen island or dining room table. As we have seen in the past year and working from home protocols, home-based offices have emerged. Dedicated, functional workspaces are in demand, but with a preferable design scheme of the ambiance and tone.

Studio McGee

Home Bunch

McCabe House

Dedicated spaces for our offices allow for separation between working hours and home life. Homeowners want smart solutions for their work zone, that sets a different tone from the rest of their home. Moody paint or wallpaper, distinctive area rugs, bold artwork, and custom furnishings will add depth and interest to any home office.

Walls Versus Open Space.

There will be the return of distinctive living spaces. For the past decade, we have seen demands for more open spaces, and less wall separation - primarily in the flow of the kitchen, dining, and living rooms. The importance of feeling included in the living room activities, even if you are preparing a meal in the kitchen was key. We now are looking to create a sense of destination in our spaces. The invitation to traveling to different rooms in the home, where there are set purposes for each space, is reminiscent of going out for dinner or going to the theatre. Creating these individualized spaces, and a possible retreat from the rest of the home will be a must-have for 2021.

Hansen Savannah.
Joanna Gaines

Multi-Use Spaces

COVID has most certainly changed how we use our homes. Dining rooms have been transformed into the epicenter of virtual learning, basements that were a catch-all for storage, are now being modified to host a home gym. Homeowners are designing their rooms with multiple purposes in mind, with easily transitioning furniture. A kitchen island that was primarily for meal prep, are growing bigger in size to host the variety of at-home activities, and the number of people around it. Dens are being transformed into Zoom rooms, to accommodate keeping connected with family.

Hunter Fan

Outdoors Inside.

Bringing the outside in has always been a favorite for anyone who loves fresh air and appreciates the outdoors. There is a harmonious marriage between the exterior environment and the interior surroundings. Being in lockdown, or simply staying home is creating a demand for finding inspiration in the surroundings. Glass walls, large windows, and sliding doors are optimal ways to breathe in natural light. We will also see an increase in demand for floor and table plants, to compliment these new bright spaces. What possibly can be more delightful than a big, bright room full of greenery?

Living Outside

Screened-in porches, modern approaches to landscaping (to keep mosquitos at bay) will be adopted when the summertime is here. Gone are the days of a chair or two outside. Homeowners this year will be seeking full solutions to complete dining and relaxing when it comes to outdoor furniture. It must evoke the same comfortable feeling and design as it does on the interior of the home. The chirping of the birds, with a coffee in hand, feet up on your outdoor ottoman, with your laptop. What a marvelous way to begin a day of work.

Home Bunch

Ciao. New Port Beach

However you decide to retrofit your home, I am confident it will be perfect for you and your family. If we can take a positive from the pages of 2020, it will be how we realized the importance of connection, home, and family. We certainly have here on Windwhisper drive.

Happy New Year My Friends x


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