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  • Tracy Struthers

The Power Of A Handwritten Note, And Why They Can Mean So Much.

Today, you woke up, and undoubtedly checked your social media and your email, texted back your friends with single words, or emojis of happy faces, green faces (from too much wine), or a heart of love. Sure, I use them too, it falls in line with our quick information, quick correspondence everyday lives.

As much as I do like to stay current, hence The T Lifestyle Blog, I will always have an appreciation for things like classic vintage shoes, clay crocks, and 1967 MGB convertibles. But, what I find the most enjoyable, is my love to send or receive a handwritten note. Whether it's a love note in lunch box, or a thank you letter in mailbox, there is something just so honest about these well-intentioned words on a crisp card. I find myself almost giddy receiving them.

Taking the time to script a handwritten note can mean so much more, as these cards or letters may be kept as a memento. There is much admiration the receiver feels from a handwritten letter, particularly when sending a quick email is so much easier. Might I suggest, when scripting this note, to begin it without a thank you.

Try this way instead.

If originally you would have written, “Thank you for the flowers,” you may wonder what to write next. How about using, “It was so wonderful to come home to find those beautiful long stem sunflowers. You remembered how much I love them. Thank you for thinking of me, it really brightened my day .”

Maybe you received a gift?

How about using "You didn't have to, but I am sure glad you did."

Someone helped you?

How about saying "I appreciate you always being the person I can count on."

Whatever it is, don't forget to seal it with love.

The words you use are unquestionably the most important part of the card, however, I do love good paper stock with some florals and the perfect writing tools (I do have my favorites).

Here are some of my choices to inspire your hand written notes:

  1. HEX Pens- Indigo

  2. Calligraphy Pens - Michaels Canada

  3. Vintage - Floral Stationary - KandKCreations87

  4. Blank Ivory Cards - Michaels Canada

I'm so grateful for our time together.

Thank you friends.

Tracy x

1 comment

1 Comment

Aug 16, 2023

What superb advice to not *begin* with thank you. You’re so right that it makes it a little more difficult to decide what to write second. I’m an avid letter-writer, many of those thank you notes, so this advice is much appreciated!

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