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  • Tracy Struthers


If you are an avid watcher of anything decorating-related on TV, I promise you, you have been exposed to the work of Katie Hunt, also known as Katie's Wallpaper. I'm fascinated with her work, and her vision to take an ordinary space, and create something sensational. Whether she is looking at an entrance foyer or a full room - she gives life to the space with beautiful textures and patterns in her wallpaper choices and application.

I interviewed Katie, and admittedly I was a bit star-struck. I have been following her work for some now and that in itself is undoubtedly impressive. The fact that she has rubbed elbows with some of my favorite designers like Sarah Richardson, The Property Brothers, Making it Home with Kortney & Dave, plus worked with Mike Holmes of Holmes & Holmes, to mention a few, was the icing on the cake.

Katie with Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe

I could have interviewed her for hours, but she is a very busy lady, who is currently working on 4 HGTV shows, promoting Volume 1 and soon Volume 2 of her wallpaper line - REMIXWALLS, and raising a family all at the same time.

Crane You Later - mural wallpaper by REMIX Walls

Katie joins me to discuss how she began her career, some things she is working on, and what's next in her journey. Don't miss our live interview video at the end.

Katie, is your home base in Toronto? Have you always lived there?

Katie: Yes, I am a hometown girl. I grew up just outside of Toronto and it’s a great place to grow up and live.

With all the projects you have on the go, do you have a team or do you do all the work yourself?

Katie: I have a fantastic team that I work with, there are not enough hours in a day to do it all, and I have a family. We all work together to get the job done.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Katie: I love to visit Las Vegas, and Roger Thomas designed the Wynn. Roger is why I started to wallpaper my house and found out that I have a natural talent to hang it. Roger put beautiful wallpapers front and center with his designs at the hotel, and that inspired me.

Katie, you would have to agree with me, that there is no typical day when it comes to designing spaces. What do you love about that?

Katie: Every day is unique, with different spaces and wallpapers. Every wallpaper installs differently, so one technique may not work on the next, it keeps you on your toes.

'Save My Reno', on HGTV, space designed by Samantha Pynn, construction by Sebastian Clovis

What you do with a room, and how your wallpaper can bring it to life, is an artform, Katie. Do you mostly work with interior designers and collaborate with them on the vision, or do you also work one on one with homeowners as well?

Katie: Both. Designers are amazing, they really think outside the box, and ask for my opinion, whether that’s on wallpaper brands or if I can recommend a wallpaper, based on a style they are thinking about. Homeowners are also great, they ask for advice on where to shop. With so much information online, both designers and homeowners ask very good questions.

Wallpaper by Milton and King

I am learning that some people are apprehensive about hanging wallpaper.

A) Fear of hanging it wrong.

Katie: Yes, of course, wallpaper is expensive, you don’t want to make errors.

B) Fear of removing it.

Katie: Yes, we all heard or personally had experience with the removal of old wallpaper. I use water-based glues, and REMIX Walls are dry - strippable. The secret to good removal is a wallpaper primer like the Roman Pro-977 or Pro-999. One is tintable/white and the other is clear.

C) Fear of making a mistake with patterns.

Katie: Of course, some patterns are impossible to find, however because of the scale with REMIX Walls, the panels are pre-cut and you can line up your ceiling mark or the pattern

Byronian Hills Wallpaper by Milton and King

You and I are in the home business, and good things happen at home. Can you think of a time in your career, that you can share with us, that made you feel it was all worth it?

Katie: My home is filled with wallpaper, it's warm and every room has a feel. My daughter loves wallpaper and helping out. When she was doing virtual school I changed the wallpaper in the office and her teacher said “Wow! I love the wallpaper”

How much travel outside of Canada do you do?

Katie: We travel a lot for personal or business, sometimes both. There are many industry events and it's amazing to see firsthand what the trends are, and what wallpaper companies are working on.

How have you managed your work this past year with Covid-19?

Katie: It’s been a very productive year, I did my wallpaper collection, and because construction was exempt from the lockdowns, we never stopped installing wallpaper. With everyone being home, wallpaper is the perfect soft renovation! What else can you do in a day or a few hours and totally change a space?

How do you define success?

Katie: Being a role model for the next generation and inspiring girls that we can work in the trade.

What else is in store for you Katie? I have a feeling that your story doesn’t end with your gorgeous new collection of wallpaper? Any sneak peek you can share?

Katie: I’m going to start on Vol.2 for REMIX Walls, we will be traveling to LA soon to work in the fall, plus fun collaborations, lots of exciting things to come! I am also currently filming/installing wallpaper with 4 - HGTV series.

Quickfire - Questions:

How does your day begin/end? Katie: The alarm goes off, my ragdoll cat Mitten comes to see me, I open up the blinds and I start my busy day. Before bed, I like to take 5 minutes to relax and reflect on the day.

If you were to reach for any snack, what would it be? Katie: Cookies, I love cookies.

If you could meet any celebrity or prominent figure who would it be? Katie: That’s a hard one... I've met so many interesting people over the years

Who has been your biggest supporter(s)?

Katie: My husband, daughter, and my mom.

What are you most proud of? Katie: My daughter, she's 9 now and becoming her own person.

Watch our conversation on my youtube channel, in full length.

This was an honor, Katie. I cannot wait to see all the fresh new spaces you will be covering. I will be watching.


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