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  • Tracy Struthers

The Best 2020 Holiday Gift Guide For Her. What made the list?

I have a story to tell you about Sean my husband, and his gift-giving. Over the years he has improved with support from Nathan and Leigha, my two children, who make strong suggestions on what he should buy me. The story starts when our kids were still quite little, I think around 6 and 8 years old, unwrapping our presents on Christmas mornings in our brand new pajamas. This particular Christmas Sean handed me a gift from him. "Merry Christmas honey", he says. I want to point out that Sean is the sweetest man on earth, so please keep this in mind when you find out what he gave me.

I tore open the paper to find ... an iron.

Yep - an iron.

No, not one to make my hair look great, one that you use to iron the wrinkles out of clothes. I frankly didn't know what to say. He looked at me with love in his eyes and said " I know yours broke and thought this fancy new one would help you out, and make it easier for you".


It was very thoughtful and something I tease him about going on 18 years later. I think in hindsight he wishes he didn't buy me the iron, but it does give us a laugh every Christmas. Funny enough, it really did work well.

If you have a special person in your life like your mother, daughter, or any other lady on your list, I've got you covered.

Today I am uncovering some of my favorite gifts. Let's do some shopping for her.

1. Saje Wellness Diffuser and Oils| 2. Arrow it Forward Oh Joy Candle | 3. Rawdon Creek Soap Co., French Pear | 4. PEC Lavender Fizzy Bath | 5. Garneau Slippers | 6. Sandbanks Sleeping Giant Red Wine | 7. Sandbanks Dunes White Wine | 8. Two Ferns Botanicals | 9. Mejuri Necklace | 10. Anatasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow | 11. Make Life Beautiful Syd and Shea McGee | 12. Lakeside Knit Hat | 13. Crate and Barrel Wine Glasses | 14. Smash and Tess Romper

1). A Great Diffuser

I don't know why, but I tend to use my Saje Diffuser double time during the chillier months. I love how stylish it looks, and I appreciate its soft soothing mist of scents. A must-have for me this season and a great gift idea with many diffuser oils to choose from. Look for their natural remedy roll-ons as well. Shop Saje

2). Candles

In my home, I always have a candle burning. When I find a candle that has a 30 hour burn time that looks great and smells even better - I am hooked. Oh Joy candle by Arrow it Forward throws a wide punch of notes in gingerbread, sugar, and spices. Shop TS Homestore

3). Soaps

I was given this soap one year as a gift, and it might have been my top favorite. This luxurious smelling soap makes your skin feel baby soft, and the aroma is out of this world. What a great way to show her how much you love her, with something that will make her feel so great. Shop TS Homestore

4). Bathtime

When she finally takes a moment to soak in the tub, why not create the perfect oasis for her? Some fizzy bath lavender salts from Prince Edward County Lavender are a thoughtful gift that can mean the world to her at the end of a long day. Shop TS Homestore

5). Comfy Slippers.

One of my favorite ways to relax (especially if I have worn heels all day) is to slip my tired feet into some comfy slippers. You can never go wrong with a great pair of slippers from Garneau; it's like heaven for the feet. They are a game-changer in comfort. Shop Garneau slippers

(6+7) A Gift Of Wine

Holidays with yummy wine to sip and share, or maybe she doesn't want to share? How about a gift of delicious wine just for her from Sandbanks Winery? Whether it be their popular Sleeping Giant Red or their light and refreshing Dunes white, you can't go wrong. Shop Sandbanks wine

8). Some Greenery

In my opinion, a house is not complete without some plants here and there. Why not give her something unique this year with a plant. It can give her a new hobby or add to her existing plant babies. Plants make people happy; some potted greenery from Two Fern Botanicals is a gift that will keep on giving.

9). A Gift of Jewellery

Photo by Mejuri

I love receiving a really pretty piece of jewelry, and I know the special ladies in your life will love them too. These Mejuri necklaces are the perfect accessory for her under the tree this year. Wear it to dress up or down, she may never take it off. Shop Mejuri

10). Beauty

I always, always do my eyebrows. It makes your face look fresh and awake. When it comes to brows, my holy grail go-to item is my Dipbrow from Anastasia.

Hint: a neat stocking stuffer idea for her.

11). A Good Book

Yes, she has been binge-watching the Netflix series Dream Home Makeover, and likely would love this book to read about Syd and Shea's journey. Plus it would make a perfect coffee table book.

Surprise her with this book. It will show her that you have been paying attention. Extra brownie points.

A great inspirational story of hard work and knowing when to listen to your gut.

12). Cute Toques

For all the little and older ladies on your list, an adorable fuzzy pompom hat is sure to please. Is it me or are you seeing these hats everywhere? I love these hats from Lakeside Knits - they are super cozy and snug. I truly never thought I would ever love wearing a hat until this one. Shop Lakeside Knits

13). The Ultimate Wine Glass

Wine always tastes better in a long stem wine glass. You don't get quite the same feeling with a stemless glass when sipping the perfect red, am I right girls?

The longer the stem is the better, and these Camille wine glasses from Crate and Barrel are a dream.

I hope Sean is paying attention because I need a fresh batch of these glasses.

14) Rompers Forever.

After a workday or lounging on weekends, there is nothing like this one-piece romper from Smash and Tess that is so darn perfect. It is the ultimate in casual attire.

Dress it up with a puffer jacket and a plaid scarf, or hibernate inside with extra bulky wooly socks and a squishy blanket.

Every lady on your list will love to receive one of these.

That completes my 2020 holiday gift guide for all the special women you have in your life. Make sure ladies, you invite your significant others to spend a little time on this page, in case they need a little guidance for gifts. You don't want an iron, do you?

Make sure to check out my Home and living store, or check out my Instagram page for daily highlights and ideas.

Happy Shopping x


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