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  • Tracy Struthers

Take This Quiz and See How Much You Really Know About Yourself!

I was listening to an inspirational RISE podcast the other day with Rachel Hollis (An American author and motivational speaker) while creating some designs and having my tea time. She was speaking to Stacey Flowers, another motivational speaker about really getting to know our true selves and what their number was on the Enneagram Personality Test. I have never heard of the Enneagram test? Have you? If you have, where have I been?

After listening to them, I was curious enough to know what number was, so I took the test. But guys, why does it really matter what the answers say? Why do I need this validation? Do I need a test to tell me why I think and do the things I do? Maybe I do. Mostly I was just curious to know how accurate it could be.

Before I tell you my number, here is a link that you can click to take the test for yourself. It is free to do, although for more in-depth information they will ask for payment.

Here is the link:

So how did you do? Do you agree with the test? Your Enneagram type influences your relationships, your career choices; it even influences your speaking style. It certainly influences the way you live and the way your living space is.

So here is a bit of information about each of the personalities from 1- 9.

If you are a 1 – You are The Perfectionist.

You are attuned to practicality and frugality. You’re very hardworking and diligent as an employee and hold very high standards.

Careers for a 1, might be a career in the Military, Law, Forensics, or Finance.

Your home environment is an organized extension of your life. You tend to favor spaces that are easy to keep clean, with minimal design. Eco-friendly cleaning products, plants to thrift store purchases are important to you.

If you are a 2 – You are The Giver.

You are warm, approachable and radiate kindness. You are a people person. You understand the meaning of empathy and are able to have genuine, meaningful connections with others.

Careers for a 2, might be a Doctor or Nurse, Caregiver, Engineer, or Social Worker.

Your home is described as a cozy environment, filled with 'sentimental clutter'. There are some earth tones, but more likely yellows, blues, and pinks.

If you are a 3 – You are The Achiever.

You are busy and always on the go, you always make a good first impression. You are goal-driven with a ‘Get it things done” attitude. You have huge goals and even higher standards.

Careers for 3 might be a Lawyer, Sales Executive, or an Actor.

Your home is best described straight out of an Ikea catalog. Tidy, clean with deliberate accessories. Your home reflects who you are.

If you are a 4 - You are The Individualist.

You are distinctive, quirky and endearing. You are serious and very passionate about self-expression. You have a strong sense of self-identity and pride in being unique.

A career for a 4 might be a Therapist, Designer, Artist, Yoga Instructor, Hairstylist.

Your home is best described as vintage or bohemian style. It holds decadent, moody and emotionally expressive decor. If it has a wow factor, it’s in your home.

If you are a 5 – You are The Investigator.

You are an in-depth thinker, insightful and always think before you speak kind of person. You are introverted and very analytical about the information you gather.

A career for you might be a Judge, Police Officer, Market Researchers.

Your home is best described as furnished, clean, but also feel a bit cold and empty. You don’t believe in excess.

If you are a 6 – You are The Loyalist.

You are organized, well-liked and belong to a tight group of friends. You are dedicated and very responsible.

A career for you might be a Banker, Paralegal or Dentist.

Your home is best described as comfortable with classic designs. A refuge from the world, your home is filled with photos of family, friends and special times.

If you are a 7 – You are The Enthusiasts.

You are always on the go with a wide range of interests. You are always upbeat and optimistic, and very well-liked among peers.

A career for you might be a TV Personality, Content Creator or Chef.

Your home might be described as kitschy, fun or cool. Your decorating sometimes is not functional, with impulse purchases and clashing colors.

If you are an 8 – You are The Challenger.

You are independent and self-sufficient. You are very stubborn but are fiercely passionate and trail blaze boldly through all walks of life.

A career for you might be CEO, PR Director, Agent or Event Planner.

Your home might be described as the best of everything. You have the biggest TV's, the lushest furniture, in the most sought-after homes. You take pride in your objects.

If you are a 9 – You are The Peacemaker.

You have a calm and collected demeanor. If there is conflict, you diffuse it with ease. You are gentle and agreeable.

A career for you might be a Teacher, Yoga Instructor, Travel Agent.

Your home might be described as harmonious, clean, with peaceful energy. Open spaces, huge windows, a lot of white with plants to promote positive energy.

Now, wasn’t that a fun quiz?

Can you guess which I am? I am a 3 first, with a close 1 second. I totally agree with this finding.

Leave a comment below and tell us your number!!! Do you agree with it?

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know yourself better.

Tracy x


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