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Summer Living, Our Inspired Outdoor Dining.

Sipping sweet wine on the patio, strolls through the garden, burgers on the barbeque… Warmer weather has us all wanting to spend more time outside. With this crazy year we've all had staying home, finding ways to enjoy the outdoors will be more essential than ever. The growing demand for outdoor living, by way of accessories and furnishings, will be on the rise as we move into the summer months.

As soon as I feel the warm air arrive each spring, I'm eager to bring out my outdoor furniture, plant pots, and twinkly lights. Who's with me? Sean and I take advantage of the ideal temps to enjoy our casual, and sometimes romantic, dinners outside. We do love dining outdoors, so a couple of years ago we did a renovation to screen in our porch, so those pesky mosquitos wouldn't ruin our experience. I just refinished a vintage table, so it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate the warmer weather with our first outdoor meal of the season. We wanted to share our outdoor dining with you, our accessories, and most importantly, our yummy treats.

Go Gingham.

Gingham is a popular choice absolutely suited for outdoor dining. Try bringing in this classic pattern with your fabric dinner napkins. There are many colors to choose from that will compliment the meal your serving and the occasion.

Lanterns, Ornaments, or String Lights.

I always incorporate sparkly lighting to help set the mood. We found this round wood ornament 8 years ago and intertwined some mini lights through it, which is a wonderful way to illuminate our outdoor dining space. There are many ideas to choose from when looking for subtle lighting. You can use lanterns, string lights, or even a grouping of two to three candles on your tabletop.

Serve Yummy Treats:

Sometimes our outdoor dining consists of easy peanut butter toast in the morning to corn on the cob and burgers in the evening. Even when keeping it simple, the food seems to always taste better when eating it outdoors, don't you agree? On Friday nights, we light up our candles, ask Alexa to play our evening playlist, and cheat on our diets with our favorite Meditteranean pizza and white wine spritzers.

Our current climate has really shown us to appreciate things a little bit more and to get creative to seek the good in the situation. There is something special about dining under the stars with your loved ones, candles glowing, glasses clinking and great conversation happening. When things get back to normal, we will look back at these moments, and be very grateful for them.

Cheers to you all x

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