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  • Tracy Struthers

Simple Festive Greenery for Christmas.

Our family loves Christmas. So many great memories of family gatherings. I love how we have carried on the same traditions as to when we were kids. Things like my kids unwrapping their stockings on our bed Christmas morning. Kevin, my brother, and I did this on our parents' bed. It is by far my favorite part of the holidays. Other than hors d'oeuvre's on Christmas eve, that is pretty great too.

It does bother me how stressful this year can be, in relation to the shopping and gift-giving. This year, we have decided as a family that instead of the traditional presents under the tree, we are going to take off skiing for a couple of days. I will still buy a couple of small things, but all of our focus will be getting away as a family. We rented a house in St Adele, Quebec. So close to where I grew up. It has two wood fireplaces, with one being in our master bedroom. Can you say cozy?

To me, there is nothing better than making my home cozy and festive at Christmas time. Like I said before and will say again, to an Interior Decorator, Christmas is our Superbowl. I practice simplicity in my brand. I live by it. Christmas is no exception. If I bring up some 3-silver reindeer, I put away 3 décor pieces that are no longer in season. It keeps things uncluttered and calming.

Each season I try to use natural elements as much as I can. I am really loving the festive boughs that I am incorporating into my Christmas decorating this year. Along with this greenery, we always go out and buy the perfect fresh tree. Will it be a Balsam, or will it be a Fraser Fir? Our kids always get to choose, and the tree is always beautiful.

As I know many of you are beginning your decorating, so I thought I would share some ideas on how to bring some greenery in your home.

For my home and even the holidays, you won't likely see bright colors. If that is your preference, I am sure your home is decorated beautifully. Everyone has their own unique style. I find peace and calm in a more neutral palette, focusing on soft whites, warm beiges, and forest greens. For our fireplace, I brought in my greenery with some silver reindeer and mini beads along with some white chunky candles.

Using festive greenery need not stop with your fireplace. I love using it everywhere I can.

Cocktails anyone? Using greens on your charcuterie boards are not only so incredibly festive, but they also smell amazing.

How about putting greenery inside of clear ornaments? I purchased these ornaments at Michaels (they are plastic) along with some fake stems. I know, I know, I have been talking all this time about real greenery, but let’s be realistic. I don’t know many of you who want to fish out the dead stems at the end of the season, Right? So, this is much more practical. They look unbelievably beautiful on your tree or hang them from your windows as I do. They are so simple to create and look stunning.

When it comes to wrapping my gifts, I love the look of natural white and beige paper with twine. You can find all this from your local dollar store. To bring in the greenery, I like to slide fresh stems under the twine. Doesn't this look so vintage? A nod to a Scandinavian themed Christmas. So clean, crisp and calming.

Are you decorating for Christmas in your new home for the first time, or just wanting to make a change in your seasonal décor? My advice is to focus on the colors you have in your home all year round and select complementary colors that bring out that seasonal splendor. Try to keep your décor consistent throughout your home. Incorporate small touches of your holiday decorating into every room, yes even your bathrooms. Your home will look fabulous and your guest will love it.

I hope you all have joy decorating your homes this season, spend less time worrying about what to buy people and more time just being with the people you love.

“When we recall Christmas past, we usually find that the simplest things – not the great occasions – give off the greatest glow of happiness.” – Bob Hope.

Live simple, love your space (and happy decorating)

Tracy x


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