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Set the Boob Free

Now that I have your attention, we will be discussing the "boob light."

Sorry, Janet, you had your turn.

If you haven't heard of one, then your house doesn't have them. I do find that to be a shocker though, every home we have owned, older to now much newer house, has one, or shall I say "had one." The boob light", as it is referred to, was pointed out to me by a friend when we bought our first house. It does resemble that body part, and now when I refer to these lights this way – everyone knows what I am talking about.

So I ask then, why. Why do people keep them for so long? Is it budgets, or not knowing a more beautiful light to replace them with. I do realize that this is part of the builder's grade of lights that are installed. However, PEOPLE PEOPLE, why are you living this way? You can do so much better!

There are so many styles to choose from nowadays. You have to know where to shop, how much you want to spend, and the style you want in these rooms.

When we bought this newer house of ours (only three years old when we bought it), there were "boob lights" everywhere. They were down the hall, the laundry room, bedrooms, stairwell, everywhere. So we did a lighting makeover. We first had to decide what style we wanted.

The lighting in your home sets the tone; whether you want to do more of a modern approach, or keep it conservative or contemporary, your light should match this theme. A must for me, in my home or decor consulting, all the metals need to match. The shades and glass can vary, but metals must match. I do also like to make sure all the wattage's are similar, with the same tones for the hue of the light. Bright lights to amber lights, they should be the same.

If you are replacing those "boob lights," you should be considering semi flush mounts. Close enough to ceiling, but a bit of length to give it some interest and the room some character. These black hooded lights are lights I purchased to replace all those lights in my laundry, entrance, and hallway. They look fantastic, plus I love the consistency of them. A wicker shade light replaces one as well, that hangs in my office/guest bedroom. This wicker was the anchor to the design of the whole room., calming and has a beachy feel.

If you're just not sure, bring in a picture of home to a lighting store, and see if they can provide you with some advice. Part of my decorating services that I offer is this kind of consultation. A walk through your home, I will bring you some great ideas to take you from cheap looking lighting to stunning options that you had wished you had done sooner.

I also gathered some options for you, for semi-flushed mounts, with a variety from an industrial look to a more classic contemporary look.

Small touches like a lighting revamp, can completely change the look of any space. Have fun with it.

Live simple, love your space


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