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  • Tracy Struthers

Selecting The Right Statement Lighting, and Trends to Watch For.

Lighting can make a major statement in any design, I love how it can define an entire space or be that one thing that ties it all together. I do notice, however, that this isn't always the primary choice in renovations. Re-painting the walls, or upgrading furniture tends to be the first to take into account. Statement lighting is easily one of the best ways to upgrade your space and add some personality along the way. I say, think bigger than the universal pot light and ceiling-mount fixtures, with a showstopper chandelier, or a pair of stunning pendants.

Matching Your Surroundings.

It is important to think about the scale of the lighting you are choosing, and not necessarily the shape and style. A tiny chandelier, for example, over an elongated harvest table, can kill the design. When looking at your space as a whole, choose the right fit for lighting. If your room hosts more asymmetrical architecture (asymmetrical balance occurs when you have different visual images on either side of a design, and yet the image still seems balanced), examine the unique characteristics of the room when making your selection. Bold, attractive lighting, which is scaled proportionately to the space, will create the focal point and immediately bring your eye up to the center of the room.

There are additional features in your space that you must recognize when out shopping for your statement lighting. And you thought just buying a light would be easy, right? Well, it is when you know what you are working with. Does your room have ceiling beams, a large bank of windows, or exterior features you want to draw attention to? There are many things to take into consideration.

Sizing and Distance.

Whether you're contemplating pendants above your island or a chandelier over your dining table, getting the spacing and sizing right is important to keep the room feeling balanced.

2 Light Pendant - Island.

Studio McGee

3 Light Pendant - Island.

Leanne Ford

Dining Room.

You can really bring a room alive where lighting is concerned. Going a bit bolder with your choices can really show off your room's personality. The rule of thumb for the sizing above your table is coming in at least 6" from the edge of the table of each side, and 33-34" from the tabletop to the bottom of the chandelier. TIP: Hang the chandelier an extra 3" higher for each additional foot of ceiling.

Amber Interiors
Ryan Garvin
Kerri Fukui

Lighting Style

Identifying the style and function of the lighting needs to be defined when looking at the space. With such a vast array of lighting choices, it can be overwhelming at best. Knowing the scheme you are looking to achieve in each room will be a key factor in your selections.

Here are some of our favorites:


Studio McGee


Sarah Richardson


Home Design Lover


House Beautiful


My Domaine



Keeping a close eye on upcoming trends in 2022, I am excited about where the style of lighting is going.

Here are some upcoming designs you will want to embrace.

1). Lighting with environmental friendliness. This means all kinds of natural materials like wood, bamboo, glass, or various fabrics.

2). Simplicity in forms. The absence of unnecessary details.

3). Brass metals. Luxurious and warm tones.

4). Chandeliers in art object forms. Look to see unusual and eye-catching objects.

I hope I have inspired you in your journey for the perfect lighting in your home. Try something different when making your selections. You're going to love the final result.




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