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  • Tracy Struthers

Practical Styling Tips To Transition Your Home This Autumn.

Crisp air, pretty leaves, turtlenecks, toques, and pumpkin spiced coffee, yes - Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. Even though we do have a couple of weeks left before fall is here, I cannot help myself by adding some decor now. The past couple of years, I have simplified the way I decorate for the new seasons. Sure, you have seen me in the past, with my front entrance fully decked out with white and orange pumpkins, and fall mums in my planters. But, I am over it. It really does look wonderful, and I love seeing all the festive displays, I just simply want something more practical (and that doesn't die within three weeks). I am choosing decor and pieces that can be used throughout the season.

May through to October, you will always see my giganto Kimberly Ferns displayed in my hemlock planters. As soon as that cool air hits, we replace those ferns with pine or spruce trees that display beautifully in the planters until the spring. As soon as the ground thaws after our cold winter, they are planted around our property. I like to add a bit of extra twinkle at night, so I opt for small battery-operated lanterns, which look quite lovely lit up, and can be appreciated all four seasons.

I prefer using natural additions for my decor, and really appreciate that you can buy a fresh bounty of it at your local grocery store or food stand. Not only do we love to eat fresh produce, but they make for a great display as well. Squash, Artichokes, and Sweet Potatoes add remarkable coloring for the fall season. Plus they taste incredible. Artichoke dip anyone?

The transition into fall, in our home - means keeping the decor relevant until at least December. Really it's about adding textures and layers that can be incorporated now but also used for future seasons. I really feel it's important to always think about longevity with your decorating.

One of my favorite ways to decorate for fall, and any time of the year really, is with vintage artwork. They have so much charm and character. I must have an old soul because I am immediately drawn to them. There is just something about the story that each picture tells or the brass frame that makes my heart smile. The warm hues are a great complement to almost anything you put with them.

A living room is the heart of a home. The place for entertaining and being with loved ones. When the cooler months arrive, the biggest goal is to create a cozy and inviting space. Our living room resides within a palette of white walls, layered with neutral decor, which allows for easy transitioning of the seasons. I tend to elevate the traditional fall decor colors with softer hues like soft sandy beiges, grays, and greens. When you are using other textures and colors in the room, I like my linens and furnishings to be more muted, but certainly not humdrum.

We are big fans of throw blankets. I quite possibly could be obsessed with them. I doubt you could find a spot in my home that didn't have one. They can cozy up a bare couch or end of a bed while adding color, pattern, and texture, plus if the need for a snuggle or a good ole' nap arises, well then you are ready.

The takeaway message from this fall decorating conversation is choosing items for your home that can be used for many years to come, and that can be versatile into other seasons.

May we all take time this Autumn season, to light that candle, get your comfies on, snuggle under that throw blanket, and be grateful for the place we call, home.

Happy Fall Decorating

Tracy x


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