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  • Tracy Struthers

Our Favorite And The Best White Paint Colors For Your Home.

When we first purchased our house on Windwhisper drive, we knew right away it had great bones to it, but over time it would need some redecorating. It had a muddy, institutional green-gray color to the wall, that I did not like - but lived with for a while. I do all the painting in my home, so we really needed to be sure of the style and vibe we wanted before committing to this very large undertaking of refreshing the color. I knew a white shade was the direction I wanted to go, as this was the canvas for everything else in the space.

I enjoy incorporating new decor trends, as I live and breathe decorating. For wall colors though, I tend to adopt a more neutral palette, for my home and my clients. The ease of white walls grants the freedom to easily change the mood of the space, should you be anything like me. In the 8 years in my home, we have gone from a modern farmhouse scheme to a contemporary style, all the while with white walls.

Linda, one of my decorating clients and I, laughed about the hundreds of white paint colors out there. "How do you choose?" she asked. Choosing the best white paint color for your home can be daunting, but it need not be. I have compiled 8 of my favorite white shades, to give you some guidance should you be wanting to freshen your space.

1. Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore

Studio McGee

Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore is a crisp and clean white color that is delicate and refined, true to its name. A white that in certain times of the day can feel warmer than in others. A highly-regarded white, loved by designers because of its adaptability with other shades. If you’re looking for a bright white with minimal undertones, this could be perfect for you.

2. Decorators White by Benjamin Moore

Photo: Jane Lockhart

Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore is definitely a white paint color with a cool vibe. With its hint of gray undertone, we have incorporated this color as one of our favorites to brighten entrance ways or rooms with blue, green, and grays in furnishings and artwork. This white completely opens up a space and bounces light around.

3. Extra White by Sherwin Williams

Photo by Sherwin Williams

Extra White by Sherwin Williams is one of their brightest whites. It can be defined as a clean, true white with no yellow or warm undertones. If you are looking to brighten your space with this white palette, be sure to bring warm colors into the room with the furniture – like brass and wood tones for balance.

4. Silver Polish by Behr

Silver Polish by Behr is a very neutral light gray, although the shade can appear grayer or a crisper white depending on the light source or time of day. For our home, I wanted this shade of white to allow limitless possibilities when introducing other colors into the space. I opted for this truly fail-safe white with a hint of gray- as the canvas for other whites shades and earthy tones in the main level of our home.

5. Pure White by Sherwin Williams

Photo by Home Bunch

Pure White by Sherwin Williams is a favorite of ours when designing spaces. It’s one of those colors that have a passive warmth to it - without looking too creamy, or too stark. It works so well for walls, trim, and cabinetry. This soft white is a classic.

6. Cloud White by Benjamin Moore

House and Home

Cloud White is one of the best warm white paint colors from Benjamin Moore. This warm, soft, creamy palette is subtle with sophistication that is easy on the eyes and works well with any decorating style. We love how perfectly it balances with earthy tones like in this jute rugs to vintage artwork.

7. Painters White by Behr

Dana Olvera

Painters White by Behr reminds me of the transition from cold weather to warm again, budding trees, and blue skies. If you are looking for soft, serene, off-white - this color is for you. We love the warmness of it and how it is the perfect calming white for bedrooms.

8. Sanctuary White by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams

Make yourself at home with Sanctuary by Sherwin Williams. One of the most inviting, cozy, and comfortable palettes in warm neutrals to effortlessly pull together layers of your favorite textiles, artwork, and plants.

If you have been looking for the perfect white shade for your home, then you have discovered that not all white paint colors are created equal. Our best advice is to test strip the colors in advance, to know how it fits not only with how the light plays in the room but also how it fits with your furnishings. It's important to know when choosing your shade, what your vision of the space is, or the mood you are trying to create within it.

You've got this!

Happy Painting x



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