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  • Tracy Struthers

Our Cozy Master and Guest Bedroom Tour.

I remember as a young girl, every week my mom used to strip down our bedding, wash and hang them outside to dry on the clothesline. The very thought of bedtime, with those crisp, clean sheets, was close to the same excitement as getting to bed early on Christmas Eve. I couldn't wait to get in them. It's these memories that taught me the importance of good bedding and a well-put-together bedroom. Sometimes with the bedroom, being the least visible spot in the house, it tends to be overlooked. I feel very strongly that this space should hold as much importance in design and care as that in your living room.

Our Master Bedroom

Some of the challenges, when deciding on decor and bedding in your master bedroom can be precarious, especially when it is shared with your partner. This can be one of the trickiest design challenges to navigate. Looking at the big picture when it comes to the bedroom, it is about balance - having pieces that speak to those who share the room, and comfort.

When deciding on the overall style scheme, bedding options, and decor in our master bedroom, I wanted our space to feel comfortable for Sean, so no frilly items or feminine colors, like pinks. I brought in calming blues, from florals to solids with the throw pillows, which are perfect to create the serene space we were wanting. For all the bedding in my home, I only use white linens, which makes replacing them easy, and always matching. I'm fond of layers, so with our bed, I went with a subtle textured taupe coverlet, an Egyptian cotton duvet, and a gloriously soft throw blanket (for cuddly Sunday afternoons). I opted for gray tones and blacks for the furnishings, pretty glass lamps, and crisp white drapery, with subtle touches of flowers and plants. Having a balance with items we both wanted in our room, along with a comfortable style scheme, has really been a welcoming retreat at the end of our day.

Our Guest Bedroom

Our guest bedroom, (which is still my daughter's room when she comes home), needed updating. The delicate pink linens and oversized bulletin board needed to be replaced with a more modern vibe. I wanted to incorporate some new artwork, paint or replace furnishings, touch up wall color and bring in new linens.


After repairing holes and reviving the walls with a new coat of white - I decided that the bed frame needed a new look. It seems that the color of it transformed from a white to now a peach, which did not conform to my vision of the space. Tracy style, I pulled the bedframe out into my driveway, sanded it down, and applied a matt black paint. I am sure my neighbors wonder how I find so many things to paint, as this seems to be a trend for me.


Bringing in some much-needed artwork, enabled my desire to bring in some earth tones to contrast against the white wall palette.

Crisp white linens were used to dress up the bed, layered with a pretty gray coverlet, in a cozy sweater-like knit. We then added a snuggly soft duvet in a stark white, and an olive green throw blanket to compliment the artwork, but also to add warmth to the bedding. I appointed some throw pillows from our own pillow collection, in some soft grays, as it is the spring season, and love the lighter colors this time of year.

Overall, I am thrilled with the easy transformation of this guest bedroom and catch myself just going in there to look at it.

If you are thinking of a bedroom refresh, try to think in terms of who uses the space, what design scheme speaks to you, and the longevity of the style. There is just something special about a space that makes you feel better just being in it. At end of the day, that is what good design is all about.

Happy Decorating x


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