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  • Tracy Struthers

My Pride and Joy. In the spirit of Mother’s Day

Today, I will be featuring a special edition for my BLOG– as it is Mother’s Day. I felt this was a great way to celebrate Moms, and share a little with you about my family.

There is something special about the love, care and comfort a Mother provides. Mothers are love. New Mothers radiate joy as they share the unveiling of their new bundle. We see this even in the news, with baby Archie entering the world, and Duchess Megan beaming with pride.

We Mothers also deal with grocery store temper tantrums, the upset tummies, the lippy child trying out their boundaries, the wait till your father gets home line. You yell sometimes so loud at your kids to go and get their teeth brushed, that your neighbors get up and go brush there’s too. Yes, there are moments of frustration and questions like “when are they going to grow out of THAT phase”.

I had a year where my mother wondered if I would ever get out of my rock and roll phase. Tight jeans, big hair, black eye makeup and the coolest AC/DC jean vest, with chains. Well it didn’t last long, and I am sure for that my mother was thank full.

My Mom, is the best Mom. A beautiful loving woman whom I learned a lot from. I learned that you stick up for your kids, no matter what and doing things together is more important than materialistic replacements. I know I learned my love

of rearranging rooms from her.

Maybe that is what spring boarded me here to this career. I remember being so excited to come home from school on the days that Mom did a deep cleaning.

She would always change around my room. It was so exciting for me to run in and see what she did. I know that must have translated to me and now to my daughter, who loves the same thing.

Every time I visit Leigha at school her room is set up different. The apple

doesn't fall far, I guess.

My Mom has been there for me my whole life. My wedding day, present for the birth of my two children and has been a joy in my life and my families to this day. I am lucky and blessed to call her Mom.

My Children

In my early 20’s, I know it wasn’t in my new husband Sean’s plan to have a baby right away. I wanted children young so I would be young grandparents like my parents were when they had grandchildren. So naturally, I won. My beautiful son Nathan Ward Struthers came into this world and has grown into the most generous, thoughtful very intelligent man I could have ever dreamed of.

He has a gentle soul, fun humored and easy going way about him. At 23, he still loves to take us camping and hiking with him. I suppose he still thinks we are pretty cool. I have to agree. He is my rock and my biggest fan. He made me a Mom, and I have cherished it every step of the way.

Then along came Leigha Dawn Struthers. A gorgeous baby girl from the moment she entered this world, already trying to speak from her first breathe. She has a large personality, huge ambition, kind fun loving spirit and beautiful inside and out.

At 21, she amazes me with what she has accomplished. We count the days to see each other and cry when say goodbye. Our long chats over a glass of wine are moments I look forward to. She is so proud of me and I of her. She is not just my daughter, she is my soul.

Today I celebrate my wonderful experience of having my Mom and having children. I am truly blessed and grateful.

Now, I celebrate you Moms out there and hope you let your family spoil you; put your feet up, go shopping, or go work in your gardens. Whatever it is, hope your day is special.

I will leave you with a quote that my mom (Linda Ward) always says to me.

Live simple, hug your Mom, kiss your kids.

Tracy x


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