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  • Tracy Struthers

My “Loft” Experience. Belleville, Ontario

My husband and I have been dreaming, creating, putting down some solid plans of our own, to expand Tracy Struthers Lifestyle into more than an interior decorating, staging or wood décor company. Our dream is to create a destination in which folks from all around will be able to enjoy, which will tie in all areas of my company. We are intrigued by the Airbnb experience from a business perspective, but also enjoy the variety of homes available and destinations it provides.

We were invited to stay at a local Airbnb, right here in Belleville, which is getting amazing reviews. I wanted this opportunity for three reasons:

1. Sean and I needed a night to relax.

2. I wanted to stay at a local Airbnb to further develop our plan and gather some research.

3. Support local businesses and business people who have great vision.

Our overnight stay at The Loft on St. Paul, was an incredible experience, from the welcoming handwritten note to a tasty bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. The story behind the creation of it is one I must tell you about it.

In 2019, the tiny 1874 Anglican church, St Paul's mission, was transformed into an entertainment venue and overnight accommodation – The Loft on St. Paul. The mission back then, served sailors coming to and from the Belleville Harbour. Up until April 2018, the membership has declined to only 5 members of the congregation. Here you will see photos of the old church, from the aged stucco on the outside to paisley patterned church seating on the inside.

Tim McKinney, a local broker of Remax Quinte, and his wife, Judy saw a vision for this old church. Fulfilling a dream of Tim’s love for music, he created an intimate local venue to host smaller sized musical events, charitable and local gatherings. In keeping with its history, the gothic windows remain standing wrapped in a completely new space of tongue and groove ceilings, beautiful white walls, glass railings, and crisp white counters. The Loft on St. Paul, along with its unique event experience, also falls in line with the idyllic Airbnb experience. A full kitchen, indoor and outdoor dining, loft-style cozy one-bedroom and bubbling hot tub welcomes you.

The interior design is one that I completely fell in love with. It is so my style with its perfect white interior and time-honored rustic beams. A true nod to its heritage, but still observing today's trends. The Loft on St. Paul is a calming retreat that feels massive with its cathedral ceilings but remains cozy within its 950 square foot space.

The Loft on St. Paul boasts a state-of-the-art sound system so completely intentional for any smaller sized musical venue. Sean and I had our turn at the piano. Well, may I say my rendition of “Doe a Deer” from the sound of music sounded incredible! Ok, ok, ok, I will leave the music to the talented artists that will venture here to perform.

We enjoyed some appetizers and drinks before we dined on a scrumptious meal that we picked up from Auberge de France, in downtown Belleville. Even though this Airbnb has a full-sized kitchen with everything you need for a feast, we didn’t feel like cooking.

I sipped my wine, and Sean enjoyed his Gin and Lemonade as we settled into our jammies and soaked in the stunning atmosphere of our home for the night.

If you are looking to get away for the evening, this Airbnb is so ideal. Its location is close to wineries, breweries and incredible restaurants for dining; you will be delighted with the selection around you. If you are looking for an escape from the big city or simply want somewhere local to unwind for the night, come to The Loft on St. Paul.

We were sad to leave in the morning, but we will be back.

Interested in booking an evening or two? Go to this link, and pick your dates.

It’s just that easy.

I know I will be booking again. Perhaps a girl's night next time?

Live simple, love your space.

Tracy x


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