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  • Tracy Struthers

My Go-To Daily Skincare Products and Make-up For Glowing Skin, After 50.

Being in my 50's, I am fascinated about skin care products and self care to maintain a healthy glow and slow down any signs of aging. I've never been one to fuss over a 12 step skincare routine, or wearing many layers of make-up, I don't like all the time it requires, and how expensive it can be. I tend to lean toward a simple, but effective skin and makeup routine in the morning to allow me more time to drink my coffee, get in some snuggles with my dog, and catch up on my morning social media.

Skin care really is such a personal journey with everyone having different skin types. What works for me, may not work for you. Over the years I have learned better techniques and important care for my skin, gosh, I used to wash my face with anything that was cheap, PLUS went to bed without washing my face (Ew, David). I wish I could go back to that girl and give her a shake. Always! Always! Wash your face before bed.

I'm not claiming to be an expert, I am simply sharing what works for me and some of the products I am loving right now.

(This post is not sponsored, and I have purchased all of these products myself. I am just sharing some of my favorites)

I have:

- Combination skin

- Prone to hyperpigmentation

- Maturing skin

Each morning, I use a gentle cleanser, hyaluronic acid serum (adds hydration, targets wrinkles and textural irregularities, provides smoother plumper skin), and finish with a 50 SPF facial sunscreen (even if I'm in the office all day). Then, I am ready for a make-up free look or prepped for a good base for makeup. See my full 1-5 step process.

When it comes to make-up, my motto is the simplier the better. With my skin needing more nourishing now than that of my 30's, I am gravitating towards products that are light and hydrating on my skin, that don't sit heavy or cake-y on my skin. Ones that deliver a natural look but at the same time covers up blemishes, uneven skin tones and redness. As we ladies know, we all have our favorites when it comes to products in our make-up bags. Mine is my eyebrow kit. I do love a full brow, but my brows are starting to thin (and gray), so this kit is the quintessential bit of magic to keep them looking full. Truth be told, it would be a toss up between my eye brow kit and mascara of which one I couldn't live without. Like in a scenario of having to abandon a ship - which one would I grab if I had to chose just one? EEPS. My second favorite is my contour stick, what a little gem that is. Just a couple of swipes on the cheekbone area, forehead and jawline, dab until blended, and oh mama we have definition. I also appreciate a multi-use product like my blush / lip combo, as it gives me a lovely glow on my cheeks but doubles as a wonderful lip color. Follow along for my daily 1-7 steps, and products I am loving right now.

It's never too soon or too late to look after our skin. Let's hydrate, plump, look our best - get out there and kill it, shall we.

Love ya,

Tracy xx


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