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  • Tracy Struthers

My Favorite Activities This Winter (and the best ways to stay warm).

I have to admit, I have been excited about the snow. We get some, then it rains, and then it's gone, and we get some again. Even if you are not a Winter person, you do have to admit that the bright white of the snow is better than the brown wet grass. We are now in the "light dusting of snow" phase of this winter, so I am hoping for some big fluffy flakes soon. The Christmas season and everything crazy that accompanies it has come and gone. Was it me or did this season feel especially busy compared to others? More often than not I heard from families this year who spent less on gifts, and more on moments. Guys, way to go! I am not sure how Christmas became so materialistic, so I am pleased to see we are getting away from that. It makes my heart warm and gushy.

I took some time over this holiday to spend it with my family and truly be present. I set aside my favorite flower picks of the week, all decorating work and product endorsements, and yes, even blogging, to focus on my family. I feel rested and rejuvenated, and ready to embrace 2020.

I always say, if you live here, then you should try to love all the seasons. Find a winter activity that might make the winter more enjoyable. I have compiled some of my favorite activities that keep me excited about this winter season.

1. Alpine Skiing

My family and I booked a ski trip in the Laurentians, approximately 1 ½ hours north of Montreal, Quebec. I grew up in this area, so it always feels like home for me. We have tried other ski hills, but Le Sommet Saint Sauveur always means the most to us. The sun was bright, conditions were a bit icy - but still great, and we remained on the hill until sunset. After a great day of skiing, we relaxed by a wood-burning fire in our quaint Airbnb, sipped some wine and watched the Juniors play hockey. If you have never tried skiing, then you should. It is an incredible family sport that you can all do together. I am not a perfect skier, but I do enjoy the exercise I get from it, the tension that is released and the incredible scenery that you get to experience.

2. Outdoor Heated Hot Tubs / Spa Retreat

My daughter Leigha and I have made it a tradition to visit The Nordic Spa, in Chelsea, Quebec at least once a year to treat ourselves. We soak in the many outdoor hot tubs, saunas, and now and again indulge in a full body massage. Do the words "you feel like a noodle" describe to you how one feels when you leave there? You are rejuvenated and completely relaxed in this tranquil environment. The only sounds you hear are quiet whispering (no loud talking allowed), the flowing waterfalls, the bubbling of the tubs, and nature around you. I thoroughly enjoy the warm cozy restaurant eating Tapas as well, sipping wine in our white fluffy Nordic housecoats. The warmth of the fireplace makes the experience complete. Now, this is a perfect way to enjoy winter, I must say.

3. Escape to a Hot and Sunny Destination.

Full transparency, as much as I love the fluffy white snow this time of year, and the outdoor activities it brings, I have to confess that a week-long escape to a hot and sunny destination isn't too shabby. My family and I hopped on a plane last year to The Mayan Rivera in Mexico to take a break from the cold. Heavenly? Yes. Well deserved time away? For sure. Would I go back? In a heartbeat! My favorite part of this vacation was walking down to the beach in the morning and watching the sunrise, while the waves slowly rolled up onto the beach, and back out again. We hope to get back there soon, but the memories of that week will last me a lifetime.


What are YOUR favorite ways to enjoy winter? Share with us in the comment section below.

Happy Winter.

Tracy x


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