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  • Tracy Struthers

Looking To Decorate Your Home With House Plants? Our Favorites.

Interior decorating is simply a way of molding our living spaces to be comfortable and pleasing. We love to surround ourselves with nods of the outdoors through wood, stone, and textiles, and likely the most beneficial is the addition of plants. When it comes to a well-designed space you cannot underestimate the power of the perfect Fiddle Leaf Fig or an Asparagus Fern, just to mention a few.

If you are already a plant parent, then I don't have to convince you of how they bring joy into your home. Like many of my plant-loving friends, you can never have too many. Perhaps you are new in the game of adding greenery to your home, and you have your eye on several different kinds. There are some things to consider when choosing them.

1). The placement of them in your home, and their specific lighting needs.

2). Different options for pots and proper soil

3). Level of care

4). Animals in the home

Whatever your reason is for bringing plants into your home, I know it's a good one. Let's explore some great choices for you to consider.

The Asparagus Fern

I love the frilly, bedhead resemblance of this Asparagus Fern. This fun plant adapts to both bright spots and darker corners in your home and helps in the cleaning of the indoor air during the winter months. Its soft and fuzzy demeanor and thorny spurs, do require a bit more of your attention. Daily indoor care of misting and keeping the soil moist is needed for it to thrive.

If you love a bright white interior - then this Fern would look spectacular in your living room or sun porches, accented with natural woods and wicker pieces.

For more information about caring for the Asparagus Fern, please refer to this.

Fiddle-Leaf Fig Trees

If you are a novice green thumber, the Fiddle Leaf Fig might be a challenging one for you, but certainly worth it. The hard truth about this trendy plant is that they don’t like drafty locations, soil that is too wet, or too dry, too much sun, or not enough sun, or country music (kidding). They are very emotional plants that will tell you when something is not right.

Michelle Slatalla, the editor in chief of the blog Gardenista, has called it

“The houseplant equivalent of a newborn.”

With its lush leaves and slender stem, we enjoy how it fills minimalistic spaces, bringing a balance to negative space with beauty and whimsy. The prices of these Fiddle leaves have come down over the years, so even if you have to replace yours every year because of its kooky temperant, I still say it's worth it.


The Spruce

Choose a bright sunny location, and enjoy. The Monstera is a favorite among decorators and homeowners for its big beautiful foliage and easy to care for instructions. The Monstera, also known as the Swiss cheese plant or split-leaf philodendron, looks great in any corner of a room, pairing well with all style schemes. Once your Monstera begins to grow, you can take some clippings from it that look spectacular in a clear vase on a coffee table.

Chinese Money Plant

Patrycja Nowak

The Chinese Money Plant (or Pilea), with its adorable pancake-shaped leaves, is known to be loved by Scandinavian-inspired interiors. These hardy plants enjoy a bright location that brings some sass and interest with their mid-century, modern look. They are not always so easy to find. You might luck out on a clipping from a friend, or you may have to do some searching around. With patience, you will find one.

String Of Pearls

String of Pearls is a unique, vining succulent that inspires conversation. With their graceful elegance and pea-shaped pods, they will spill over and dangle beautifully from the sides of planters, hanging baskets, and even fireplace mantles. Adding these to your decor will bring flair to any space. Being fairly easy to care for, these pearls will be showstoppers in your home.

Chinese Evergreen

White Flower Farm

Chinese Evergreens, listed on Nasa's list of air-purifying plants, are exceptional at removing benzene and formaldehyde from the air inside your home or office. Having a tolerance for both moist and dry conditions, and thriving in lower light, makes a perfect choice to spruce up any room. Place them around in your home in a beautiful clay or natural fiber pot, and let its beauty warm your space.

Olive Tree

Danielle Moss

When I see these trees I instantly feel I have been transported to Italy. They are so classy, light, airy, and full of character. Decorate your home with an oversized olive tree in a neutral pot, and allow the handsomeness of the tree to be the superstar. Modern or Boho, to Scandi Style, the Olive Tree will emphasize the style scheme you are creating. By growing it indoors, you will likely never see an olive, but that is perfectly fine. The gorgeous foliage is enough.

These are some of my favorites, but trust me, there are heaps to choose from. The most important thing you should consider when buying a plant is, did you do the research on its care, and if you have animals, is it safe for them to have in the home? Once you do that, you can safely and economically start adopting plant babies.

Happy Green Thumbing x


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