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Living Large In A Smaller Space And Tricks To Do It.

Whether you live in a small house, or you have rooms in your home that you want to make more open - there are little tricks of the trade that can help you achieve a "bigger space". No question, being in a smaller space can be challenging when it comes to decorating. Too many design elements can sometimes close in a room, instead of widening it up.

As we will be downsizing into a smaller space ourselves, I have already begun a checklist of must-have pieces that will go to our new home, and what will go into storage. My goal for our new home will be calm, open, and are well organized, with maximum use of space. The less is more theory is really going to come into play when we settle into the new place. Using only key furniture and decor, I can make the rooms feel bigger and more spacious with design elements from paint color to area rug sizing. Here are some tricks for you to try.

Paint Color.

When working in a tighter space, poorly placed paint color can make the room feel smaller. What can you do to create a bigger, brighter room?

My preference - keep it light. A little trick

I have learned along the way is to paint your ceiling the same color as your walls and trim. It will trick the eye to create an illusion of a bigger room with higher ceilings. When working with tighter spaces I would recommend a lighter shade to achieve this. So stay away from dark paints then? Nope, not at all! You can choose a darker shade for sure, but it will only work if you have a lot of natural light in that particular space.

Transparent Furnishings.

Glass or Acrylic furniture make small spaces feel more open and can be incorporated throughout your home. A sleek trendy acrylic or gorgeous glass coffee will add beauty and function but does away with that bulky feel that wood can bring. Cute acrylic chairs will bring some flair to any office nook, living room, or breakfast table by adding a sweet punch of pretty decor without feeling heavy.


Hang your drapery as close to the ceiling as possible. Hanging them well above the window, will draw the eye up, and make the windows feel larger. It is also important to be mindful of the hardware choices. Why not select a more subtle metal tone such as gold or silvers versus a solid brown or black? When it comes to patterns in your drapery if the room is small, it can be a bit busy looking. Light, flowing solid fabric will give the windows a lovely finished, airy look.

Simple Furnishings.

Bulky sofas with oversized arms can look messy and take up much-needed floor space. Choosing the right sized furnishings, with tight cushions, a sleek style, straight arms, and raised legs, for example, will give the illusion of more space.

Statum / Layered Living

Area Rugs.

More times than not, I see homes having an area rug that is too small. Do we think large rugs will hide too much of that hardwood floor? Do we think that small rugs can make a room feel larger? Here is a fun fact. Large rugs can work wonders for a small space. The size of it helps draw attention to the full extent of the space and make it feel more open.


In small spaces, every inch is valuable. Wall sconces will eliminate the need for floor or table lamps, saving precious floor space and allowing for the addition of nice decor on your side tables. Well-placed sconces can also create interest with light, illuminating those darker corners and nooks, making the rooms feel bigger and brighter.


Instead of patterned bedding, chose light-colored bedding to allow the bed to blend into the rest of the room. A busy pattern in a tiny bedroom just doesn't work. Bright or creamy whites are a great choice, not only to look elegant but to create the illusion of a bigger space, especially if the colors of the wall are similar in tone.

Brunelli / Master Bedroom

Large Mirrors.

Adding a mirror will make the most out of any light in your rooms. They can reflect light on your darkest walls, plus add some incredible decor pieces for interest. I am enjoying the trend right now of oversized mirrors with delicate framing. Creating light with beautiful accent mirrors is a wonderful combination.


Give the impression of having more space, by purging or donating items you no longer need or want, on a regular basis. With everything having its own place, with less clutter - it will not only make it easier to keep the space tidy, but it will also make each room feel larger and better organized.

Ideal Home

Using these little tricks of the trade can be so helpful in creating a roomier space. Careful choices of furnishings, paint and the number of possessions, will make a significant difference in the aesthetic of your smaller home. So choose wisely my friends.

All the best,

Tracy x

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