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In Today's World, Can You Simplify Your Life?

I say yes.

Life is like a measuring cup (you thought I was going to say a box of chocolates), half is filled with things we can control, and the other is filled with things we cannot.

So, focus on the things that we can control. What I know to be true, is I am in complete control of the things and people I have in my world. I get to prioritize the important things.

My family is right up there on the top rung of my ladder of life. When my grown children want to spend time with me, I make time, no matter what. Other than my husband, they are the most fantastic human beings I know. M’am (as they call me), "You free for a visit this weekend?”. My response is simple, "What do you want to eat? Is roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and homemade gravy, with a couple of pies enough to feed you, and whomever you're bringing?”. They do love to eat. Bless their souls.

I am sitting here writing this blog. The serenity of my space is very real. The Peedle Weedles (otherwise known as autumn crickets) are present. They warm my soul from their sounds and make me feel comforted. I reflect on my workday, and even the week, and wonder if I could have done it better. Do I need to have such stressful days? Does it need to be so overwhelming? Does everyone feel this way?

I need to find peace and clarity in my life.

So, naturally, I did some research. What I uncovered is, you are all feeling this way and I am not alone.

Here are some things I am going to adopt into my life. I encourage you to as well.

1). Have a “do nothing day”. Do it regularly. I can do this! I may have to shut off the internet, and have my family tie me down - but I can do this.

2). Design your morning to start it peacefully and effectively. Hmm, maybe I will try Yoga? Eeep, maybe I won’t but it is a great idea for a fresh start to the day.

3). Power hour. One hour to hammer out all the tasks you have been procrastinating. This I can do. I get so bothered with tasks that build up. Hmm, a great way to burn some calories too!

4). Hire out. Hire a house cleaner. Well, on this I am still not there yet. Great idea though. Would save me a world of time! I am that person who would clean their house before the house cleaner gets there.

5). Think about my outfit in bed the night before. Some people I know have their outfits planned for the week ahead. They clearly have their “bleep” together. For me – I think I could do this and may help me fall asleep.

6). Donate one bag of items per week. YES, this I can do! Weed out your belongings weekly before it’s too overwhelming. Less is more.

7). Gas stations. Throw out your garbage from your car every time you stop to fill out. BRILLIANT.

8). Take 10 minutes a day and unsubscribe from emails you don’t want. Is it me, or do you get anxiety with way too many emails? Keep my emails though, I would hate for you to miss anything.

9). Clean up your computer desktop. My son Nathan is quite disgusted with my file organization. This is something that I need to accomplish.

10). Eat a salad every day. It’s healthy for you. I do this anyway, so yay for me!

11). Debt. Get out of it. I am now in that mindset that I want to enjoy freedom tomorrow, so I am making choices to do so today.

12). Turn off the television and shut down from social media for 24 hours, regularly. This one is hard guys. My life and business are the internet and social media. How will I know what Jillian Harris is doing? No, No, I can do this. I will do this!

13). Stop multi-tasking. Sure! I am learning that multi-tasking increases stress and lowers productivity. Take one task and do it well. Then move on to the next.

14). Minimize your words. Sometimes less is more. Keep your speech plain and honest and mean what you say. Avoid gossip. This one is easy (I think).

15). Keep only positive thoughts. Negative thoughts are completely useless. Jealousy, resentment, bitterness have never improved the quality of life for anyone. Forgive past hurts and replace negative with positive ones. It is so easy to be sucked into these. I must work on this.

After a lot of research, these were the ones that stood out to me. This is a working list and has good habits to adopt.Time is zipping by. I went to bed at 20 years old one night and woke up 48. Zipping. So, I am going to adopt better ways to live, so unnecessary stresses that I can control, don't shorten my life. I am going to STOP, evaluate what I need, and what I don't. Inhale and exhale this wonderful life I have and the world we live in.

I encourage you to do the same because you are incredible.

Live simple, love your space

Tracy xx

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