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  • Tracy Struthers

I Don’t Care What They Say - Barn Board Is Still In!

Knots, nail holes, ghosting (a variation in surface texture due to long-term placement of objects on the building), and natural weathered edges. Barn board - this decor trend is still vibrant and going strong.

My father, who builds these pieces for my own Leif Decor, will stock up on inventory by paying a visit to the local Amish boys who tear down falling down barns. Mosey, the Amish fella tells my dad that this stuff is like gold. Folks from Toronto are buying it up and they can’t keep it in stock. I think the part I love the most about this is we take something that has been sitting there for decades, and turn it into a beautiful piece of furniture or decor. Influencers indicate that the barn board trend, along with ship lap is on the way out. I don’t believe it, based on the demand I am seeing for both.

Bringing earthy elements indoors, is not trendy. It will always be neutral and classic. I believe that it's acceptable to add a touch of reclaimed wood or recycled metals into your home whether it be furniture or accents to compliment your decorating style.

Did I mention that reclaimed wood is good for the environment? Protecting our earth will never go out of style. Instead of the demand of newly cut wood, we are seeing re- purposing reclaimed lumber. Because of this, I feel you will still see designers incorporating these as accents where it fits cohesively with the design. You will also start to see this reclaimed wood in a more polished application, which gives a more refined sleek look to the modern and contemporary design schemes.

Turning Barn Board into Beautiful Pieces.

If you are handy and have always wanted to incorporate it into your decor here are some important tips to know.

1). Sometimes the wood can be dirty, damp and have bugs. It’s a good idea to let them dry completely should they be damp, and clean the boards with a stiff brush.

2). Rip (cut) the board before use to ensure the sizing you want. Pay attention to whether the boards are free of any nails or metal that may have been left over.

3). If you are putting these on your wall, are you applying it vertically or horizontally? Most often, barn board is salvaged as vertical siding, so applying it vertically allows a more authentic ‘barn’ look.

Leif Decor

Leif Decor - My little company that builds incredible accent pieces for the home. My father, the master craftsmen, is constantly creating new pieces and ideas that can be found in many people’s homes and including mine. I don’t go too crazy including it into my decor. Keep it simple, right? The pieces I do have – I love.

Here are my three best sellers.

Barn Board Picture Frames

These are show stoppers. They are conversation pieces for sure. “Oh my god we love these”, is what I hear when new friends come over. They hold cherished pictures of my kids, and look amazing on a wall in your living or dining room. Plus, you will never find another one like these anywhere. Quite unique. I am all about the “WOW”. Less is more, but really great “less”, you know what I mean?

The Barn Board Decor Box

This box idea was born at Christmas time. I was hosting a holiday dinner and wanted something unique for my dining room table. I explained to my father my idea and the decor box was born. You have to know that this box has many incredible uses. Mine never leaves my table - only the decor inside it does. It goes from Christmas centerpieces in December to Sunflowers in August, the ideas are never ending.

Barn Board Planters

In a hexagon shape, they invite many ideas when it comes to filling them. For me I enjoy displaying my spider plants in them. Honestly though, these planters can do anything. They could hold small dog toys, pine combs (at Christmas), candles, anything your imagination will allow. I really love the rope part. They are so unique, and you can have a lot of fun decorating with them

For me, I truly believe that you should be true to your own personal taste and style. I enjoy following trends, but at the end of the day my home is filled with decor that I love. I say, be choosy and be selective. These barn board items I have showed you today, I have had for over 4 years and counting. Couldn’t imagine giving them away. This is how you should feel about each purchase you make.

Live simple, love your space

Tracy x

All products available for purchase. Visit my shop in this site for more details.


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