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Just arrived, fresh flowers for your home.

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

I love fresh cut flowers. I love how they make me feel, how they smell, and how they can bring life to a room. I have always loved them, even as a little girl. My mom quite frequently cut flowers from her gardens. I remember how magnificent they were with such heavenly aromas. I am continuing on with this tradition by having flowers in my home at all times. My favorite ones are white Hydrangea stems on display in my vintage wide-mouthed glass vase that I found at a second-hand store. If you keep your eyes open, you can find the neatest things. You can choose several different types of vases and other types of containers to hold your blossoms. Mason jars, painted soup cans, and copper water jugs are some unique ideas. How about a paper bag? Place a smaller vase inside the bag to host the water, then place the vase inside the paper bag. How cute is that?

The impact that fresh flowers can make on the aesthetic of any room, is very often underestimated. Whether your home is a smaller apartment or a mansion, a floral arrangement is so welcoming to any room and is an integral part of interior decorating.

If you are like me, and enjoy moving around your decor just to change up your space, then fresh flowers are perfect for you. They are temporary, so you can switch them up often. I enjoy when the seasons change, as each one brings a new bounty of blooms. Here are some of my recommendations for seasonal flowers for your home:

January – Tulips

February – Ranunculus

March – Hyacinth

April – Roses

May – Peonies

June – Dahlias

July – Hydrangeas

August – Calla Lilies

September – Chrysanthemum

October - Sunflowers

November – Amaryllis

December - Hyacinth

Did you know that floral arrangements are an excellent choice when showcasing a staged home to sell? The fresh color is a great tool to attract a potential buyer’s eye to certain focal points in a room. I always try to incorporate colors that suit the style of the home, along with using flowers that have some longevity. If you are staging your home to sell in the spring, you might consider some nice white, yellow or pink tulips. In the fall, why not some beautiful sunflowers to sit on your dining room table.

Redecorating? A lot of thought and consideration goes into selecting new paint colours, fabrics and furniture pieces to a space. I would recommend picking shades from different pieces in your new space and incorporating them into your floral arrangement. Adding this finishing touch of flowers is a brilliant way to add pops of colour, warmth, and aroma when you invite your guest to marvel in your redecorated space. How fantastic would a vase of fresh pink roses be in your newly redesigned bathroom?

This week I was approached by a wonderful floral company, Avondale Flowers in Belleville, Ontario. She wondered if I might be interested in using her flowers into my designs, on a weekly basis? Honored and excited at the same time, the answer, of course, was yes. YES, YES, YES! Here is the most wonderful part for you. On a weekly basis, I will showcase my flower pick of the week, plus ways to use them in your home. Outstanding quality, and wonderful staff – this is exactly the kind of businesses I want to partner with. Keep your eyes open, this Tuesday will be the first of many "Tracy's Flower of the week". I cannot wait.

Whether your preference is a bouquet or just a couple stems, add them into your home. Avondale Flowers will keep your home seasonally filled with outstanding flowers and plants with prices that will keep you coming back for more. I am so excited to be incorporating their blooms into my decorating. A true honor.

Live simple, love your space

Tracy x

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