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  • Tracy Struthers

How to completely change your life.

Wait, what, no wine? You mean none at all?

Seriously, what kind of crazy talk is this?

Let me back up and explain to you my decision on getting healthy. Like almost every one of us, we all have stuff. We don't like our stomachs or our butts, or we are too tall or too short. I have my stuff too. As I am getting older, the weight doesn't just stay off, it now decides to stay on and invite its friend to stay too. My biggest issue was my health, and how I was feeling physically. I had moments that my face would turn so red that people would ask me if I was okay (and no ladies I am not talking about menopause this is much different). I needed to feel better physically and feel better about myself.

I am used to setting goals, as I do with my new company because when I set goals, I commit to it. It's important to me. Why has my body or my health not been important to me? I took a stand. I had enough of not putting my health first, so I made a commitment to me, mind, body, and soul. I am determined. I am now listening to inspirational audio books (Rachel Hollis you may be exactly what I needed), training 3 days a week with Body by Sergio (burpees are the devil) and making much healthier food choices.

No wine and no whining about it. Having a full-time media job, and growing my design company – a girl likes to have a glass of wine to relax at night, right? Well, I certainly do. I love wine. The taste, the reason to relax, the long stem glasses, all of it. Getting healthy, however, means I have to drink water instead. So much water. I might make a mini office in the bathroom as I feel I am always in there due to the consumption of water.

It did bother me at first but after four weeks I have to say, it is getting a lot easier. Guys, regardless of any weight loss, I feel fantastic. In four weeks, I feel better than I have in the last ten years. I stress less, put things into perspective and am genuinely excited about the direction my life has taken. I am noticing changes to my body; my trainer says I now have some pipes (someone call the plumber!) Seriously though, I feel like I am healing with much better food choices and well-needed hydration. If I can do it, you can too.


Being prepared is key. Before I walk out the door to begin my day, I am sure to grab my gym bag. I never want to allow myself any excuses for why I can't make it to the gym that day. Keep my priorities straight, by scheduling the workouts every day no matter what my day looks like.

My gym bag; the cutest pink Adidas bag, filled with a Lululemon sports bra, wireless headphones, and a cool Adidas water bottle. There are supplies in there like Listerine strips, hair elastics, mini deodorant bar, and band-aids. I always have with me my Nike runners, Lululemon running shorts, and a hot pink tank top.

I have also increased more outdoor time. This is SO important to me, and a huge contributor to why I am feeling so much better. Fresh air settles my mind and helps me visualize what I want and how I am going to achieve it.


We have amazing parks around our house, so getting out into the fresh air to get in a great workout is so easy. We make it a family event, and even bring Bear, our furry King Shepherd. Every tree to Bear is a new reason to stop and smell. He is so funny.


We live in the country, so going out for a bike ride is so peaceful. I do know the city has some amazing trails as well. The key is to get out and explore them.

I’m wearing another Lululemon sports bra, a comfy bright shirt, biking shorts (with padding for the downstairs), and my favorite Nike running shoes

3 things I know for sure:

1). You may have failed a goal to try and become healthy before. This time make a commitment to you. Make yourself a priority.

2). It's not about being perfect, it is about the effort. Every day, make small efforts to change your life. Whether it be eating better, getting more active or exercising more, that’s when you see transformation happen.

3). Live a life you are proud of, you're worth it.

I want you to know, everyone, I am not an expert on this subject. I only share with you my story, because how magnificent I feel. Small changes daily can have huge results for the long term.

Here's to good health.

Bye for now

Live simple, love your space (and life)

Tracy x


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