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My back door fall decor

Are you looking for some fun and easy ways to decorate for fall? Have you considered painting some pumpkins? This is a great way to have some fun and create some traditions with your kids. I enjoy sprucing up my fall decor with pumpkins in neutral colors. Compared to Christmas, I keep my decorations simple this time of year. Christmas is like the Oscars for Interior Decorators, am I right?

In my home, you will see pampas grass, pine cones, big and baby pumpkins along with some favorite apple pie candle scents. I enjoy making my home cozy. I thought I would share some tips and ideas on painting pumpkins for your home.

But first, did you know that pumpkins are a member of the squash family? Scientifically speaking, because of their seeds, they are a fruit! When cooking them, they are often referred to as a vegetable. This time of year, pumpkins are used in baking, cooking and yes decorating. From roadside markets to grocery stores, they are everywhere. Why? Because people just like me, love to decorate their homes with them, and of course make delicious pumpkin-inspired recipes.

I sourced out some examples of pumpkin decorating from Pinterest, how fun are these?

Pinterest - Kathleen Squires

Pinterest - In Style

Pinterest - Porch Daydreamer

Pinterest - Martha Stewart

Pinterest- Dimples and Tangles

Pumpkins paint beautifully. This is so easy. After you purchase them or take them from your pumpkin patch, make sure you wash them and let them completely dry. Probably best that they are at room temperature.

Purchased at Taste of Country Belleville Ontario

Here is what you will need:

- Paint Brush

- Sample paint cans in desired colors

- Small mixing bowl

- Rags

- Painters Pyramids

These painters’ pyramids make painting these so EASY. They elevate them for minimal contact. They are great for so many projects. Purchased at Lowe's.

So off I went to our local Lowe's here in Belleville and purchased the cutest little sample cans of two colors that I love to paint my pumpkins with.

Valspar - Vanilla Powder Pink 6188-41

Valspar - Well Water Green 6201-41

I covered them with the first coat and let them dry overnight (4 hours is really all you need). Once dried, I applied a second coat, which isn't necessary but I like the two-coat look. I then took a mixture of white paint I had leftover and mixed it with a very small amount of water, I dampened the cloth and lightly touched the pumpkin with the wash and then with a dry towel then blot the water off. Do this very gently as to not remove the paint from the pumpkins.

Let dry and voila – you have some adorable pumpkins to bring in the fall season.

Have fun.

Here are my pumpkins completed.

Front door fall decor. A little of my fern droppings ;)

Happy Decorating.

Live simple, love your space

Tracy x

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