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  • Tracy Struthers

Five Things You Probably Didn't Know About Interior Decorators.

Perhaps you have been thinking about upgrading your home for some time now. I know this year, in particular, many folks are staying home instead of going on a vacation, and using that money for renovations. So instead of your normal holiday, you are also wanting to put some money into your home? Maybe you want to replace that sagging couch or tired drapes? You have always felt your flooring is worn and dated and would love to upgrade it? You are inspired to change your lighting but you don't know where to start? There is a lot to consider when wanting to make changes to your home. Clipping magazine photos for inspiration and popping on Pinterest boards to figure out what style really speaks to you, is likely where you have begun? Great! That's a very important step towards creating a home you love.

Now that you have all these incredible design ideas brewing, you may not know where to begin, or the skills or means to make it happen. This is when it’s time to hire an interior decorator. We are great listeners, very creative, and motivated to create the space of your dreams.

Here are 5 benefits of hiring an interior decorator.

1). We have connections.

My interior decorating company as well as others, make it part of our job to stay connected to trades and businesses that can positively influence the outcome of your project. Features like new flooring and countertops can be pricey, but with the connections through an interior decorator, these can be more affordable.

2). We can do quick consults.

Yes, we can consult on only a portion of a project. If you are needing advice on only flooring, it's not necessary to lock us in to advise or decorate the entire space. The project is yours and completed in the manner you choose. In my business, interior decorating packages and services are always discussed prior to the meeting, so everyone is clear on expectations for the consultation or decorating work. Sometimes, a quick decorating question/answer can be great reassurance when making your choices.

3). Budget-Friendly.

Hiring my company and other interior decorators means we will choose the best in quality and structures. The completed job will reflect our businesses, so we will want the space to look stunning. Discussing your budget at the initial consultation is key to identify your decorating needs and wants, and how far your budget can go. Choosing the right decorator will give you ideas on what changes can be made to your design, and help you stay within your set budget.

4). Incorporating the old and the new.

The idea of getting everything new can be really exciting, but not so much for your budget. Including pieces you love into your decorating is not only great cost savings, but it also makes for really interesting spaces. For example, that antique dresser from your Gramma could be retrofitted with a new sink for an interesting cabinet in that new bathroom. Before any new furniture is ordered, a conversation of the pieces you love and don't love is key.

5). It's about your style, not ours.

As a professional interior decorator, even though I do have my own style, my main job is to design your space, for you. Having a discussion with you prior to the work being down is vital to identify your vision. Some research on your part prior to the meeting is a great idea (pictures of rooms you like, fabrics, colors), for a decorator to know what style scheme to work with.

If you are venturing into refreshing your space, or maybe you want ideas to decorate a new home, perhaps hiring an interior decorator might be for you. What questions would you ask if you were considering hiring one?

Decorating your home that reflects who you are, and showcases your style, is important to how you will live in the space. My advice, when deciding which renovations are the priority, remember this. Will the investment of time and money change the way you live in and love your home? If yes, the work and effort you will put in will feel very rewarding, as you gaze upon all the new changes you'll make.

Happy Decorating.

Tracy x


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