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  • Tracy Struthers

Eco-Friendly Paint To Transform Your Old Furniture.

Are you a thrifter? Always in search of that perfect vintage piece? It's a pretty great feeling when you find treasures. Still to this day, my favorite piece in my house is my $50 coffee table. Sure it might be a tad small for my living room, but I love it. I also love that I repurposed it and made it new again with a fresh coat of paint. Sometimes the most interesting pieces of furniture I have seen, are the unique ones that cost the least.

Country Chic Paint sent me a wonderful care package with some goodies for me to try. From the cutest stir stick to two different colors of paint (Soiree and Crinoline), and needless to say, I was excited to give them a go. After learning about their company values, I knew this was a company I had to support. They inspire people to get creative by painting second hand or dated furniture and make it pretty again. Did you know that this paint is eco - friendly? Seriously cool and so impressive! Repurposing those vintage pieces with eco-friendly paint is exactly what we should all be doing for a healthy earth. Makes ya wanna go out and paint something right? Well, it did for me. We recently had a bench given to us that was sitting down in my basement waiting for a makeover. So the timing was perfect.

I chose the pretty gray/taupe color named Soiree for the main color.

Preparing for painting. I got out my 150 grit sandpaper and gave it a light sanding, making sure to smooth out any imperfections and shiny areas. Country Chic paint really does stick to almost anything, but prepping your piece prior to painting is recommended. You want it to look great, the first time. Make sure to remove dust, dirt and loose scaling paint before you dip that paintbrush.

Time to paint. I have used my own paintbrushes with Country Chic paints before, but they sent me one in my care package so why not give it go? I am not sure if it is normal to love a paintbrush, but confession time, I'm in love. You guys, is it just me, or do you get paint on everything other than the thing you're painting? My first dip into the paint, I somehow got it on the handle!

With nice even coats, and working in small sections, this old bench gets the first coat of Soiree. With only two hours to fully dry before the second coat is applied and no sanding in between coats needed, I can have the bench fully painted in one day. So here's something cool about this product. I still had a quarter of the container left. Awesome! This makes repurposing old furniture so affordable with this kind of coverage.

I am not sure if you like creating a distressed look for that aged feel, or if you like a more sleek and refined look with your pieces? There are so many looks you can achieve with Country Chic paints, and how-to tutorials simply by visiting their site I tend to be a more sleek and clean look, but as Bob Ross says, "Let's get a little crazy". I am going to dry brush this newly painted bench with the other color Country Chic sent me, name Crinoline (a bright white color).

I poured a bit of Crinoline onto a paper plate and dipped the tip of the brush. I dabbed off the brush as I over dipped it (story of my life), with a paper towel. With quick strokes, I applied this technique on the edges. I wanted to give this bench a nice vintage feel but I didn't want to overdo it.

I applied on a final coat of clear natural wax. It adds a beautiful finish to the bench. I was delighted to smell the wonderful aroma of beeswax when I opened the jar. Using my handy - dandy little brush from my care package, the wax went on smooth.

I love it. Such an easy project, that I feel really great about.

Here are some before and after pictures of this cute little bench.

Got some old chairs, bed frames, or coffee tables kicking around needing a new lease on life? Why not have some fun and restore them? I find painting to be very therapeutic. Country Chic Paint makes is so incredibly easy to love those vintage pieces again.

Happy Painting,

Tracy x


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