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Effective Staging Tips For Selling Your Home During The Holidays.

I don't think there is a person on this planet who loves to move. The disruption of the house, purging, and packing is rather unpleasant. However, the excitement of the new home can quickly erase all that unpleasantness. The real estate market has been very busy this year, and even though we are now into the winter months, which typically are quieter, such is not the case for this year. 2020 and everything about it, has been an unusual one, to say the least.

So you want to put your home on the market during the holiday season? Sounds great. However, staging your space can be a bit trickier this time of year. Normally, when I coach my clients on staging, I am telling them to purge and depersonalize, even though this rule remains to be true, adding holiday decor is needed. But, let me clarify, I am not suggesting you go full out Christmas with all your joy to the world wood signs, buffalo plaid pillows, and throws, bows, ribbons, and wooden reindeer throughout. I am merely saying that some holiday decor carefully placed very minimally can give the home some warmth.

Purging, cleaning, touching up paint, de-personalizing, neutral bedding, crisp white towels are just some of the ways to keep your home well staged for viewing. After this is all done, and you want to add SOME holiday decor, my rule is less is more.

I have put together some simple ideas for you to still have some holiday decor, and make your home smell great in the hustle-bustle of selling your home.

It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas.

Saving Dollars and Sense

There is nothing more nostalgic, than the smell of cinnamon and rosemary, that evokes childhood memories. What a great way to welcome prospective buyers as they enter your home. This is a great recipe, very easy and we do it in a crockpot. Let it simmer all day, safely.

Here is what you need:

1 orange, cut into chunks

1 apple, cut into chunks

1 sprig rosemary

3 cinnamon sticks


You could add as well:

Vanilla (extract or beans)




Place all ingredients in a crockpot and fill with water to cover the ingredients.

Keep at low heat, allowing it to simmer all day.

Add more water to the crockpot as needed.

Discard ingredients after use.

Recipe inspired by Saving Dollars and Sense

Dining Room and Island Settings

Meme Hill

I like a simple place setting in my staged homes - in the dining rooms, or island, or sometimes both. Give this holiday setting a try. Remembering that it isn't about function, just all about the display. Add two settings of matching dishes, stemware, linen napkins, and some greenery to your kitchen island. This setting would look terrific on your dining table as well, but I would recommend adding greenery to the middle of the table and keep the individual setting with some neutral placemats and matching dishes and stemware.

A Welcoming Entrance

Antiques A Holics

A striking curbside appeal is an important focal point when staging to sell. Keeping in mind to decorate minimally, the holidays allow you a tremendous opportunity to showcase your front entrance and walkway. Greenery in urns and wreaths on doors are pleasant ways to impress your potential buyer and draw them in to see the inside.

Subtle and Festive Decor

When I work with my customers to stage their homes, we don't overlook any space. Wherever the eye can fall, needs to look its best. Bookshelves, for example, are necessary areas to stage. Purging your books down to a couple, removal of family photos, and adding some very simple, neutral holiday decor is an important step to help you prep your home for sale.

The Holiday Tree

Allison Krattiger

Ah yes, the Christmas tree. The staple in our holiday decorating. Some of you may have more than one tree in your home, and I would say how nice that would be. But, if you are staging to sell your home, we have to practice the less is more scheme - and go with just one tree. The size of the tree really shouldn't be more than 7 feet tall; we just want the appearance of the tree, and nothing overwhelmingly large. When choosing your ornaments, I would choose neutral, whites, and clear bulbs. Unfortunately, it is recommended to keep the popsicle stick ornaments your kids made you, or the ones with sentimental photos or years together, in the tote box for your next home.

After your hard work of getting your house ready for market, and keeping it clean for showings, you will enjoy a well deserved healthy offer on your home. Then you can kick up your feet and enjoy all the blessings of the holiday season.

Happy Staging x

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