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  • Tracy Struthers

Don't let pets sabotage you selling your home

When selling your home this spring, you need to appeal to all buyers and sell your home for the most money. Not every buyer is a fan of animals. Even if you own or love animals, you don't want to smell someone else's pets when looking at a new home.

Here are six tips to adopt in preparing your home for viewing.

#1 Open your windows

While you’re cleaning, open all the windows in your home to allow for fresh air to circulate and rid your home of unpleasant smells.

Once the fresh air has taken over your home, prevent the smells from returning. Keep your dog in a crate when you’re out or keep them outdoors (weather permitting). Limit the cat to one floor or room, if possible. Make sure to completely change the cat’s litter box versus scooping used litter.

#2 Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

Scrub your bare floors and walls with vinegar, wood floor cleaner, bleach to water solution or an odor - neutralizing product (which you can purchase at your local pet store)

#3 Wash and Steam Clean

Pet odors seep into fabrics. It would help if you washed everything from the curtains to steam cleaning and deodorizing your carpets and upholstery. Do it yourself or hire professionals.

#4 Paint or Seal Walls

When all heavy-duty cleaning hasn’t rid your home of pet smells, a fresh coat of paint will smother and seal the odor and keep it from re-emerging.

#5 Plug-ins, Potpourri

Don't go overboard on this, as too much scent can turn off buyers. Have a bowl of potpourri or scented plugin in the entrance way to welcome the buyers.

#6 Temporary Vacation

If your animals are okay being separated from you for a short period, take them to a pet motel (these are becoming very popular), or to relatives for a short period. This will help in keeping the animal scent under control while having your house on the market.

We love our furry friends, big or small. If you are unsure whether your home smells like your animals, pay attention the next time you come home after being out for a while. Still not sure, ask a friend or relative who will be honest and tell you the truth. You want a quick sale, so you and your pets can enjoy your next home.

Toodles for now.

Live simple, love your space and YOUR PETS.


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