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  • Tracy Struthers

Cruelty-Free Beauty.

Hi everyone.

I appreciate that I have this incredible opportunity every week to share with you my lifestyle blog, where we come together with ideas from how to decorate your home to living our best life. That is pretty awesome.

I also feel with such a platform as this, that I have an opportunity to do good and evoke change. As you get to know me during our time together, you will come to know the topics that inspire me and the causes that are near and dear to my heart. Animals and the treatment of them are up there on my list. Eating more vegetarian and vegan meals have been a priority for us as a family, but also being selective on the products we use. Recently, I recognized by purchasing make-up that is tested on animals is going against everything I believe in. Did you know that studies have proven that animal testing correctly predicts human reaction to cosmetics only 40 to 60% of the time? Alternatives to testing are accurate 80% of the time.

So, I stopped. Hard brakes, skid marks, brace yourself – stopped! I have a full makeup bag and products that I am going to work through because I don’t believe in wasting it. However, EVERY new product I buy will be cruelty-free based. You guys know this is so important. This is so friggin important!

Moving forward, I am supporting but also loving THE BODY SHOP. Not because they are endorsing me in any way. Not because they provide remuneration for my efforts. It's BECAUSE they are a kick-ass company that is changing the way animals are treated. Pardon me for the curse, but I get so passionate sometimes. You guys get me.

While visiting the store, I explained that I was interested in looking at skincare products that my husband and I could use together. I have to say I was excited about my purchases. My husband, Sean, was interested in trying some new products as he experiences skin irritation and redness from the products he had been purchasing. For me, the goal is always going for bright radiant skin. I wanted to do this experiment of new creams with Sean. Feeling great about your skin shouldn't be gender-specific! Men care about their skin too, right guys?

We applied the Nicaraguan coffee masque. WOW! Not only did it awaken our skin with its luscious creamy texture, but also from its aroma of coffee. YES, COFFEE!! Here is the best part. His skin, not irritated at all. My skin, bright and happy. The second-best part, no dog, rabbit or any other animal was harmed or tested on. The third-best part, the prices were far cheaper than any mask I have purchased before.

We rinsed off our faces and applied the Drops Of Youth serum sleep masque right before bed. Guys, I am telling you, my skin in the morning has NEVER felt so great, fresh and revived.

While there, I also purchased for me, a pear scented body butter and foundation plus some post-shave gel for Sean. I cannot get over the quality of their products. Why have I not shopped there sooner?

So real talk guys.

- Over 115 million animals are being used for animal testing worldwide.

- Switching to cruelty-free products is the best way to say no to animal testing.

- Lab animals such as mice and rabbits are animals too and should be protected. Cats and dogs are being used for testing as well.

- Vote with your money. Change who you give your business too.

- Nowadays, there is so much selection of products that are against animal cruelty.


They have gathered over 8 million signatures for their global campaign and over 900,000 signatures in Canada to end animal testing in cosmetics forever.

This global petition has made its way to the United Nations. In 2018, they lobbied the Canadian government on Parliament Hill in Ottawa to pass the ban.

If you feel as passionate as I do about this, join the fight:

I love how making simple choices on the products we use can seriously have a bigger effect than what we thought.

Thank you for allowing me to share this with you today.

Live simple, love our furry friends

Tracy x


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